Holiday Parade 1

christmas parade

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Holiday Parade 2 Holiday Parade 4Desoto’s forty-second annual Christmas parade took place December 6 this year. It began at Seahawk Drive and continued on a southerly route on Hampton Road, ending at the Desoto Town Center. Some of the floats went all out in their decorations, the theme being anything which caused reminiscence of “Charlie Brown’s Christmas.” Many hours of preparation the week of and the week before the parade promised a magical procession. As the daylight slowly faded, the lights of the beautifully decorated floats sparkled, catching the eyes of the many spectators eagerly awaiting the procession. Although it was cold, there was still quite a turnout, and there was a small stand selling hot chocolate to take a bite out of the chill in the air. Most lucky onlookers were also able to receive candy from the floats, along with a hearty “Merry Christmas!” The parade came to an end with Mr. and Mrs. Claus riding atop a fire truck waving to the gathered community, wishing them the best of holidays.

Mock Trial Team

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Our Mock Trial Team competed in district 5 competition saturday 12-6-14. Our Team Qualified to go to state competition in Austin on January 29th, 2015.

Trail Team members that qualified to go to state are:

Kaitlyn Virgil

Quaysha Greene

Keyana Alexander

Shelby Talton

Birdie Williams

Justin Sharp

Christopher Plummer

Joel Leach lll

Please congratulate each of these students.

Eagle Battalion Heads For Competition

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Saturday, November 1, 2014, the day of competition for the teams of our very own Eagle Battalion, and their as excited as ever! They are so focused and determined to win first place this year, and each team has worked their hardest since school started. Each team, Armed Drill Team, Color Guard, Unarmed Drill Team, and PT (Physical Team), have been training from 3:00 to 5:00 PM, Monday thru Thursday (and sometimes Friday in case of competition being tomorrow). The captains have yelled, worked, and yelled again, and the members aren’t complaining at all as they know how serious competition is.

The Desoto Eagle Battallion, along with many other schools, have competed at the Wilkerson Greines Activity Center, where each team has their own area to do inspection, regulation, and exhibition. All teams, besides PT, participate outdoors, where even though it was cold, the teams didn’t let that get to them. I talked with Aspin, a PT captain of Air Force ROTC from another school. He and I talked about the competition standards, as well as the various ROTCs at different schools. Afterwards, he and his team were able to pose for a good picture.

Overall, the teams were valiant in their performance, as each Drill Sergeant was impressed with how each team has exceeded each of the courses given by them. The Drill Sergeants even asked off-the-wall questions to each cadet, who even though found that as a setback, they still remained composed and answered with confidence. Anyway, at the end, they all came back to the school with their heads held high, and their tummies filled with Jack-in-a-Box (some still have Jack-in-a-Box food & drinks). My personal experience with the Eagle Battalion Special Teams was remarkable, as expected. I’m glad to have joined such an extraordinary organization.


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Ah, popularity, the one thing America resides on in the lives of every student. It starts in pre-school, with who gets the most attention, then transfers to elementary with whose parents are who, then goes to middle school with how many students know you, and then resides in high school, where how you reflect yourself upon your peers. Yep, popularity seems to be just like royalty, it starts with an Emperor, which in this case could be a jock, a spokesperson, or even, the hottest guy in school. Then there’s the Empress, who could be a DHS Cheerleader, Majorette, Eaglette, or the hottest girl at school. Followed by them are the King and Queen, who appear to be DHS’s next best thing. The King is either the Emperor or Empress’ best friend, and vice versa for the Queen. After them, are the Prince, and the Princess, who are “relatives” to the King and Queen, earning them a little high school popular rep. Followed by them, the Duke and Duchess, which are, in this case, just normal school kids who don’t need popularity, but are chosen based on the reputation they made for themselves.


These “Royals” as you call them, set the “rules” at this school. They influence their subjects in a good, or bad, way. Mostly bad. The Royals are known to have been inherited with their goals deriving from their parents, some of whom are alumni of Desoto High School, and have already brought upon HIGH expectations for their kindred. The Royals have set up a structure where they choose who follows into their footsteps of becoming their successor. However, word in the hallway says that not all the students of our “friendly” high school are happy with the Royals’ way. Here, I have interviewed a fellow student, who even though has popularity, doesn’t feel that it should be this way. This student wished for not their name to be shown, but only their comments.


“On a scale of 1-20, I find myself being probably like a 15,” inclined this anonymous source. “I never had to use references to become popular. I worked hard all on my own to earn my status.” I asked the anonymous source of their friends, and had this to say. “Even though I am friends with almost everyone at this school, I only have 8 real friends. The rest are just a bunch of associates.” As I gathered more and more information from them, their comments have given me proof on how popularity is enhanced. This source tells me that as they attend all DHS events, they are easily recognized by her peers. They also tell me that they are constantly stalked and harassed by “paparazzi”, who take pictures of her without her permission. And worst of all, there have been accounts of acclaimed rumors set upon this source. “I think popularity and the Royals are stupid and discriminating. If you know that person, good job for you then. It doesn’t mean that you rule the school. Stop being so high and mighty, and come down to Earth, where you have to work hard in the real world.


What a source. Well, popularity will sure cause madness in this world. Are you a Royal, or are you a Rebel?

Honoring the Veterans

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Every year Veterans are honored for their hard work,dedication,and service for our country.Likewise every year parades are held throughout the country and people march in respect.However,Veteran’s Day is more than just a day off for some and attending an assembly.For a lot of people Veteran’s Day is a lot more close to home.A lot of people have Veterans in their family,but what exactly is a Veteran?
“A Veteran is someone who served our country.”
Most people might say,and techincally that’s true,yet painfully simple. Anyone who has served in any branch for a certain amount of time and got out honorably is considered a veteran. However that is just a definition,what is a true veteran?
A Veteran is more than just someone who has served,and they shouldn’t be treated as just an person with stories to tell. Veterans are heroes,they fought for our country and put their life on the line just so we could continue ours. They didn’t have to,they weren’t forced too,they chose too.They chose to go out into what many would consider hell on earth and did it all willingly.
As always,there was a parade held in Downtown Dallas,commerating those who served.It was cold that morning,yet a whole Battalion of cadets came out and marched for miles in the hazardous weather willingly.For some it was their first time,for others it was a regular occurence,regardless a running theme here is will.
Veterans choose to do what they do.Cadets choose to bring credit to their school,Corps of Cadets and overall,those who serve.Will is something that not everyone posses,but those who do stand apart from the rest.Not everyone has what it takes to be a Veteran,but those who do deserve praise.


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When most people think of training they think of working out, and lifting weights to prepare for their upcoming season. The term

“athletic trainer” is completely different. Athletic trainers are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services.


“I’ve been a trainer for Desoto since my freshman year.” Mia Shaw, junior said. “I really love athletic training and I would like to work in this field when I get older.”


There are many students who attend the high school that are also athletic trainers. They would agree that the things that go on in the training room from dealing with player injuries to doing their daily preparation, can be a lot to handle all at once.


“In the training room, we usually practice taping for our competition in April every year, Charles Uzuegbunam , junior said.


Of course, everyone knows in sports the players seem to be overly aggressive, I guess that’s just what it takes to win. Players come into the training room daily for checkups, and muscle therapy.


“We treat injuries as simple as turf burns to injuries like tib-fib fractures, which is a type of injury where the tibula and fibula in your leg splits into two or more pieces, Charles Uzuegbunam, junior said.


Not only do the trainers help the athletes into recovery they also stress the importance of hydration and taking care of their body.

The trainers each have a certain sport they sign up for. Within those sports if there is more than one person assigned to it, they have shifts and rotations.


“As far as shifts and rotations we all have a specific job,” Mia, junior said, “On our assignment sheet it tells us the things that we need to do and for the most part everyone knows how to do their job.


There are a lot of precautionary methods the trainers have to learn and prepare for before actually going away. In a traveling sense in preparation for a varsity game, what the trainers do depends on if the game is home or away.


“Away games require a lot more work to do as far as packing what we need, Mia junior said. “We get various items like tables, coolers, ice chests and tap to pack in our trailer. It’s important that we don’t forget anything because basically everything is a necessity.”


Many of the players