EOC Tutoring

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U.S. History EOC tutorials are Saturdays from 8 am to 12 noon in the Academy side of the Building. You can also schedule to meet after school with your U.S. History teacher.


Algebra 1 EOC Tutorials are Saturday from 8 to 12 in 1200 Hallway. Don’t let anything stand in between you and graduation, come out and let us help you.


English EOC tutoring is Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 to 4:15 in the community room and Saturday from 8 to noon in 1207.


Also, Mr. Mims and Coach James will hold English EOC Tutoring during the Thanksgiving break. Tutoring will be held on Monday November 24th, Tuesday November 25th, and Saturday November 29th from 8:30-12:00pm in room 2111. If you have any questions or concerns please see Mr. Mims or Coach James .____________________________________________________

BIO EOC tutoring will be held this Saturday morning from 8-10am in Room 1112 with Ms. Chiles.


DHS Math Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta will be providing math tutoring on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The tutoring hours are from 3:30 – 5:00. So, if you are struggling with math and want to start the new grading period off strong, let us help you. Talk to your math teacher.


Eagles Clenching First Play Off Win

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IMG_9155 IMG_9676The Eagle’s bi-district playoff game on the road to state saw the DeSoto continue its history of winning against the Coppell Cowboys with a 52-35 score.

“It feels great to start it all off at the AT&T Stadium,” Chris Orr, senior, said.

Kickoff was at 9:40 PM and the Eagles had the first possession. #11 Kadarrion Senior Larry Nixon had the kickoff return at the 29-yard line and the team passed and ran to the eight-yard line. With 8:21 remaining in the first quarter, Nixon scored the first touchdown of the game with an off-tackle play.

Coppell’s first possession went nowhere as the Eagles strong defense held. At the 50-yard line, Carrington Nelson, senior, stopped a Coppell runner. A play later the Eagles recovered a Coppell fumble at the 43-yard line. “We have the 18th best defense in the nation,” Orr, said, “and we wanted to test it with Coppell.”

For their next possession, Nixon rushed the ball to the one-yard line and ended up scoring once again with 3:46 remaining in the quarter. The score was 14-0 for the Eagles.

Immediately after the second period started, Coppell scored a touchdown. However, the Eagles bounced back with a touchdown by Nixon with 6:23 left in the half to make it a 21-7 game.

Coppell opened their next possession with a 10-yard penalty. At the 41-yard line, Bryce English, Matthew Siggers, and Kelon Hicks team tackled forcing Coppell to a a turnover on downs.

Quarterback Tristen Wallace returned to the game after a injured ankle in the first game of the year tp complete a pass to Kevin Thomas. With another pass from Wallace to Akile Davis, the ball was at the 16-yard line.

“It’s a great feeling being back with the team,” Wallace, a junior, said.

Since time was an issue, Francisco Obregon kicked a field goal a field goal the half 24 and Coppell at 7 in DeSoto’s favor.

The Eagles scored the first touchdown of the second half after Coppell went three and out on downs. With a 30-yard run to the end zone, Wallace scored again putting Desoto up 31-7. Throughout the 3rd quarter, the Coppell team tried to comeback with three TD’s.

Up to the challenge the Eagles shifted the momentum on their next possession, #With Wallace and Nixon moving the ball. Nixon eventually tacked on another touchdown with 3:18 remaining in the 3rd.

Early in the 4th quarter AJ Green made an interception with 6:42 remaining. With that possession, #5 Wallace made a touchdown from a 40-yard pass with only 4 minutes remaining in the game. Coppell soon scored a touchdown as well, 52-35 with roughly 2 minutes remaining.

The Eagles locked in on their first playoff game with almost a 20-point difference. Their next game is the huge and highly anticipated game against Allen. The fans and especially the Eagle team are focusing on gaining another win.

“Next week, we get to come back and probably play Allen,” Orr said. “We’ll get to avenge ourselves from the last two years.”

Lady Eagles

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The Lady Eagles varsity volleyball team has been working with high energy during each game throughout the season so far. Despite a few minor setbacks, the Lady Eagles have put forth their best efforts and have been rewarded by placing first in the entire district. From their first game and through all the other games, the Lady Eagles have been dominant.

“Knowing that varsity is number one is pretty satisfying,” junior varsity player Jazmyn Mitchell, sophomore, said.

Being first in district is something that the volleyball team must take definite pride in since it was never common for them to place first in the past. The Lady Eagles have achieved such a high level of rank that they scream school pride and the meaning of teamwork. From facing opponents like Midlothian, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, the Lady Eagles gained knowledge on becoming a team that can achieve and remain at first place in district.

“Being first in district is the best feeling in the world,” Shelby Talton, senior, said. “We have put in a lot of sweat, tears, and sleepless mornings for this.”

Despite their amount of success, the Lady Eagles faced small issues, with one loss on their standings. A single loss against Mansfield had the Lady Eagles disappointed.

“I cried,” Talton, senior, said. “I wanted it all, and it was heartbreaking to lose.”

However, the Ladies were able to bounce back from that loss. The Lady Eagles beat Duncanville, South Grand Prairie, and Grand Prairie each 3-0. Whether it is from a loss or simply in the energy in a game, the varsity team works in order to keep their flow going. To them, it is their job to get on the court and win.

“My goal is to intimidate and dominate our opponents,” Morgan Johnson, senior, said.

To the Lady Eagles, each game is a huge opportunity to become better. They all learn from each mistake, and they are able to show what they’ve acquired from previous practices and matches.

“All of the games are memorable because each one was a learning experience,” Talton, senior, said.

To support the Lady Eagles, hordes of fans pack into games to cheer on the team. The gyms are constantly packed, and this is one huge reason why the ladies are able to do so well for each game.

“I live off the crowd,” Johnson, senior, said. “When they get excited, I get excited; knowing that there are people in the stands constantly pulling for me is encouraging.”

Other factors contributing to the Lady Eagles’ success is their chemistry and drive to succeed. On the court, the ladies have plenty of force in every hit, and they achieve high energy by feeding off each other. They do it all because they have teamwork.

“Everybody loves each other,” Johnson, senior, said. “This is the best chemistry we’ve had in a while, and we’re all one big family.”




Blood Drive

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Our school continuously gives back to the community, in more ways than one. This week the high school decided to hold a blood drive. We do not only host the drive to solely provide civilians in need but also for the benefit of the students, the drive gives students the opportunity to help people they do not know and get experienced with giving with no reward. After donation, the school transports the blood to an alternate location, the Red Cross Foundation. The school holds this drive twice a year, in fact, students who give at least twice receive cords that they are allowed to wear at their graduation.

Although everyone is encouraged to give blood, there are some restrictions: “You have to be 17 and up to donate and if you’re 16 you need parents permission to give.”, Leeandra Gartley, Senior. The blood drive was nothing short of flawless, however Student council President, Keelyn Givens, had this to say to make it even better: “I would make it possible for the hopeful donor to get their blood tested before they come down to give because a lot of people were denied for various reasons.” Thanks to the Student Council members the blood drive was a success yet again.IMG_4324

Desoto vs. Gophers

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Eagles Swoop Down And Sink Claws Into Gopher Meat
The Eagles continue to prove why they deserve their undefeated rating with an easy win over The Gophers friday night,bringing their rating to 5-0.The Eagles have cruised their way into prestigous spots this year,being No.3 in Texas so far,not to mention being No.14 in the nation.They traveled to Grand Prairie friday night with the mindset of winners,and it worked.
“It’s a great way to start the district undefeated as well as send a shockwave to the rest of the district.”#35 Chris Orr said.
Talk about a shockwave,the game started off in the Eagles favor with quick yardtage by their sophomore Quarterback Jaylin Nelson coordinating with Senior wide receiver Kevin Thomas for an easy gain of 15.Penalties plagued both teams but the Eagles kept pushing offensively and got a 20 yard run out of Junior Laderren Brown,putting them in perfect position for a pass two plays later which got them the first score of the game.After the successful Field Goal the Eagles take the lead with 7 to the Gophers 0.
The Gophers just couldn’t get it together as their first drive was riddled with incomplete passes and false starts. The Eagle defense was lead by Junior Alvin “AJ’ Muhammad who delivered punishing tackles and kept the offense on their toes,albeit they couldn’t keep up. Ultimately,the ball was kicked back to the Eagles star wide receiver James Proche who came out of nowhere with an astounding zig-zag return for a 60 yard touchdown! The crowd was electric,showing support without waver. After a wide right missed field goal,the score is brought to 13-0 with 8:09 left in the 1st quarter and the Eagles still on top.
By this time the Eagles began to hunger for more and more points as they squib kicked the ball and almost recovered it. Gophers Runningback Abraham Newsome put up 5 yards,then was unable to gain a yard in the next play. Quarterback Romeo Cantu’s pass was deflected and then fell incomplete.The ball was turned over and the Eagles came back with a smooth 1st down conversion. Quarterback Jaylin Nelson even got 7 yards on a run.This time the Eagles too resulted in a turnover on downs.The 1st quarter came to a close without another score.
“We dominated,came out first scoring,getting tackles and pass blocks,contributing to it all.”#9 Carrington Nelson said.
Defense definitely played their part as the Eagles began the 2nd quarter by forcing a fumble and Defensive Back Dominique Thomas was there for the recovery,ensuring the Eagles had more scoring to do. A tough Eagle run broke fourn tackles and got 20 yards,marking thme at the 5. Seconds later the fans were cheering as 7 more points were added to the score,making this a 20-0 game.The 2nd quarter continued on with players like Lrry Nixon rushing for yards and The Gophers Quarterback making decisive throws until they punted it off. Wide receiver Khairi Muhammad scored a 45 yard touchdown giving the Eagles their 26th point as the Gophers could do nothing to counter. Just before the 1st half cold end,with 00:06 left on the clock the Eagles Wide receiver Akile Davis caught a pass making it 33-0.
The second half continued on as the Eagles #21 Larry Nixon ran for a TD,scoring the 40th point of the game and the crowd was officially going beserk! The Eagles put up points back to back to back,whether it was #2 James Proche or #1 Kevin Thomas or even a defensive playmaker #15 Matthew Siggers,the Eagles were unstoppable and finished 53-0.


Longhorns vs. Eagles

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The DeSoto Eagles had their wins clipped by the Cedar Hill Longhorns muddling the playoffs. Last year DeSoto beat Cedar Hill 47-20.
Cedar Hill quickly unleashed Senior running back Aca’cedric Ware as he averaged 22 yards per carry. Ware continued to bring in yardage for Cedar Hill quickly putting up the game’s first touchdown.
There were several flags on both teams, from holding to false start to unsportsmanlike conduct. The flags were not stopping there though. DeSoto’s Jaylin Nelson ran in a touchdown to rack up 6 points. The 2-point conversion was unsuccessful.
Cedar Hill got the ball back and the first play t Senior Damarkus Lodge caught a 70 yard pass scoring the next touchdown. The successful PAT made the score 14-6.
DeSoto fired back on the return as Sophomore WR Kadarrian Nixon scored with return for 105 yards. They also connected on the 2-point conversion and tied the score at 14-14.
After a rocky drive filled with flags and penalties, Cedar Hill managed to get within goal range. After some miscues Cedar Hill fumbled the ball, bu recovered it and and later scored.
In the early plays of the second quarter DeSoto’s Akile Davis caught a touchdown and tying the score at 21-21.The Eagles turned the tables by doing an onside kick and recovering it. DeSoto put up another touchdown by Larry Nixon who carried it to the end zone. The successful PAT ensured a DeSoto lead with 28-21.The Eagles forced a fumble on the kickoff . A pass to Kadarrian Nixon gave DeSoto an even bigger lead with 35-21 ending the first half.
In the beginning of the third quarter Cedar Hill made a field goal to give them an easy 3 points.. After some flags and a punt, Cedar Hill had the ball back and were looking to end the game. Demarkus Lodge caught a pass and slipped past a few Eagle tacklers to get an 87 yard touchdown making the game 38-35.
DeSoto’s Nelson fired back with a 70 yard touchdown run, scoring DeSoto’s final points of the game. Cedar Hill’s Ware carried for another touchdown, making it 42-45 with Cedar Hill in the lead. Cedar Hill took the game 65-42.
The loss meant Desoto is no longer in control of its playoff path. It all depends on Midlothian and Duncanville now as to which division the Eagles advance to which means the Eagles may not get the opportunity to avenge two playoff defeats by the Allen Eagles.

LGBT: Equality For All

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Equality is something that everyone fights and dies for. Most people tend to be concerned about other peoples happiness even though it’s not anyone’s business. The month of October was chosen as LGBT awareness month because National Coming Out Day was established as a widely known event on October 11. It also commemorated the first march on Washington for the Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation in 1979.

“I appreciate what the organization does,” Nuri May, junior, said. “Some people just aren’t going to accept you, they have to understand both sides and I think the hate is obviously unnecessary there shouldn’t be hate towards anybody”

It’s not just gays and lesbians that receive hate, it’s anyone who is considered different. It goes so far that the parent’s chose and control what their children believe. Equality is for everyone no matter the color of your skin or what you believe.

“When you hear stuff about gay people on the news and society is like ‘ oh I don’t want my child to hear about this because then they’ll turn gay’ its like so do you not want to hear about black people on the news because you don’t want them to turn black,” Jason Escalante, sophomore, said, “it just doesn’t make any sense to me.”

When people receive hate because of things they cant change it causes conflict within schools and work environments. Just because you are around something or someone you are not comfortable with does not mean that gives you the right to lash out at it. Not enough people are aware of how words can hurt and how kids are cruel.

“I used to receive a lot of hate,” May said “Because I guess they were just shocked. They used to tell me things like ‘your gonna go to hell’ and ‘ you don’t need to be like that’ and it hurt me really badly, but I eventually just got over it, I found my inner peace.”