Varsity, since the beginning, whether it is football or soccer, it’s always been right at his fingertips. He’s always had that passion, that drive, that perseverance to stay active and better his every move. Everyone sees him under those stadium lights on a field that has become a second home to him.

“The soccer field, that’s just where I feel myself ,” Francisco Obregon, senior, said. “Just somewhere where I can kick a ball, it’s the best way to forget about everything.”

Before the jerseys and cleats, a three-year-old Francisco started off with nothing but a ball and a field. While still living in Mexico he was taken to a field for his third birthday to practice soccer for the first time. His family didn’t have much money at the time so they weren’t able to provide much on his birthday, however they did end up providing him with one of the most treasured experiences of his life. Although he was too young to remember this day he’s been told and retold the story enough times to be able to picture it perfectly.

“At first when they said that, I didn’t really believe them,” Obregon said.

“But there’s pictures of me really little standing next to people that are way taller than me.”

For as long as Obregon can remember he’s always played with an older crowd, even up to high school he played at a higher level than most his age. Although soccer was his first love, when he was in the eighth grade he tried football for the first time. Despite what most would think it didn’t work out as planned. Being the soccer player he was, he aspired to be kicker, but unfortunately was denied that position by the coach. It wasn’t until his freshman year that he met with the then varsity football coach, coach Claud Mathis.

“He pulled me out of class,” Obregon said. “Then coach Mathis came and talked to me and was like ‘I want you to kick.’”

Soccer being his first love, he joined the JV soccer team when he was a freshman. After the first grading period Obregon wound up being recruited onto varsity.

Other than excelling in athletics, Obregon also excels in academics holding up his spot in the top 25 percentile with a GPA of 3.74. As for after graduation plans his top school is Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

While he may be the type of person to stay active Obregon does have one weakness – history. Constantly keeping his TV on the History Channel, he enjoys watching all the different types of shows they have.

“People don’t know this,” Obregon said. “I’m a big history freak.”

While during his free time he enjoys being a history junky, Obregon also spends all the time he can with his family. He and his brothers are all not too far apart in age, although he is the oldest, he often has his oldest younger brother tag along with him and friends, being that he is only a year younger. Other than just spending time with his brother, a Sunday meal after church with both his brothers and his parents is a usual thing.

Obregon looks up to his father for providing his family not only with the material things, but mostly with ensuring that they stick together as a family.

“Anything that can keep us together,” Obregon said. “That’s something my dad always encouraged.

Francisco “Pancho” Obregon has been playing on that field his entire high school career and in June he will be able to walk across the stage on that very same field.

“If you don’t work hard for what you want you’re not going to get it,” Obregon said. “Dreams are dreams until you make them come true.”


DHS Choir Results – Solo & Ensemble

This weekend we had 50 students perform in the Region 20 Solo & Ensemble Competition at Townview Magnet Center in Dallas, Tx. Out of our twenty-three soloists, ten were awarded a 1st Division (Superior) Rating, twelve were awarded a 2nd Division (Excellent) Rating, and one was awarded a 3rd Division (Good) Rating. Four of our ensembles were awarded a 1st Division (Superior) Rating and two ensembles were awarded a 2nd Division (Excellent) Rating.

30 singers from DeSoto ISD have earned the right to perform at the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Competition at the University of Texas in Austin in May.

Please congratulate these students when you see them:

Eric Adejuwon
Chevis Armstead
Darrius Bates
Keilah Berry
Jeremy Boldon
Angel Butler
Brayla Cook
Nija Cunningham
Marcus Daniels
Bryce Davis
Olivia Day
Christopher Deal
Taylor Denby
Taija Favors
Jonisha Fletcher
Eboni Gant
Paige Glaspie
Da’Myia Hammond-King
Byron Hanspard
Mia Hendrix
Maia Hidrogo
Terri Jackson
Erica James
DeCorien Jolly
Jada Jones
Sedley Jones
Deaundrea Kidd
Winston Leonard
Alexus Little
Courtney Mathis
Montavion McKinney
Nyah McNair
Joshua Midgette
Di’mond Moore
Sierra Ortan
Karisa Poe
Jaala Prince
Jalen Quinnie
Christian Ragas
Keionte Ramsey
Sydney Salmon
Raykevian Swanson
Latoddric Thompson
Naomi Thompson
Amelia Valles
Tacoria Vaughn
Estrella Villa
Kaitlyn Virgil
Zaya Williams
D’Arra Willis

Thank you for your continuous support of the choral department

Desoto Softball

It’s that time of the year again when returning softball players dig out their cleats and dust off their bats and prepare for another great season.
            Veteran player Viridiana Diaz, who has had the privilege of playing softball for three years as a pitcher and first baseman, witnessed tryouts and was impressed by the potential offered this year.
            Being a returner player it is encouraged that veteran players help out with the newbies who join the team, “Basically a returner pairs up with a newbie and we try to help them out with basic things like throwing and catching.”
“If we work hard everyday yes my team has decent players, I know if we put in enough effort we could make it to state.”
            When faced with harder teams who have players who work their whole lives for the sport the team has a way of keeping cool during pressured moments.
            “What we do is cheer each other on. We also help with mistakes and keep a positive environment.”
            You can catch the softball team play on Tuesday and Friday nights at 5 and 7.


Patrick Atkins : Champion Cheerleader

From regular students, exchange students, and to world champions, the Eagles welcome a new comer to the school, Patrick Atkins. In his younger years he began as a gymnast, but due to physical restrictions he discontinued.
“I hit my head a lot and I was never strong enough to stay on the bars for long,” Atkins said. “I would always just kind of hang up there.”
As a result he took an interest in cheerleading. After three years of practice and determination Atkins joined a profound squad of 35 cheerleaders.
“My mom put me into cheerleading,” Atkins said. “I thought falling was kind of fun but concussions came along with it.”
Being a male cheerleader for a champion team he has learned how to cope with his position, “I never really cared about what people think.” Cheerleading is a competitive sport, and he didn’t take very long to discover that winning has been his favorite aspect.
Cheerleaders are known for being highly flexible however against popular belief, Patrick is not. This inspires other people who also lack certain qualities that want be World Champion Cheerleaders.

Social Media

Erik Qualman once said, “We don’t have a choice in whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.” Half of the world population uses various types of social media and networking sites. According to “” 300 million users are active monthly. More than 75 million people in the world have an Instagram account. Other social media apps such as “Snapchat” have 100 million users that are active monthly. 400 million snaps are made per day.
In 2013 “The Oxford Dictionary” just named “selfie” the word of the year. Of course it may seem fun and very convenient to share your selfies with friends and family. Yet, many people fail to realize those “selfies” or other photos that are taken on a cellular device can be tracked with GPS. Sure, you may have heard that numerous amount of times, but failed to believe it. In one instance there was a soldier’s photo was stolen off of MySpace, posted by a scam artist under a fake account and used to con one woman out of thousands of dollars. If there are indeed millions of people using social media, including adults I began to wonder just what apps or networking sites are receiving all this attention.
After asking people which social media app they preferred, Jazmyn Charles, junior stated that she likes using Instagram and Twitter. Jazmyn said she liked using these particular social media apps simply because it becomes easier to “get to know” a person based off of what they tweet, and/or post. When asked which social media app she preferred, Kenedi Norman, junior revealed that she preferred using Snapchat over any other social media sites about social media etiquette, asking her if she thought it was important to follow standard procedure. She responded by saying “social media etiquette should be enforced because there are some people who misuse it and cause cyber bulling” She feels that if social media etiquette is followed it could prevent suicides and excess stress. Even though all cases aren’t money scandals, or bullying Social media also takes a huge toll on health.
Danny Bowman for example. According to ABC News, nineteen-year-old Danny Bowman allegedly spent up to 10 hours a day taking up to two hundred selfies. Danny started posting selfies to Facebook at the age of 15, but found his addiction spiraling out control after his aspirations of being a male model were rejected. He believed that he wasn’t perfect enough which led to his suicide attempt. Danny shared that “people don’t realize when they post a picture of themselves on Facebook or Instagram It becomes a mission to get approval and it can destroy anyone “its like drugs, alcohol or gambling,” he said.
On this same topic many people seek perfection in their selfies, according to ABC News. Some people even go to extreme measures such as getting nose jobs, or getting their hands injected to cover their veins. They do this all because they want to take that perfect selfie. Social media problems are inevitable. If there is in instance in which someone says something negative to you on a social media site, instead of responding, simply just ignore him or her. If it becomes an every day thing, most social media websites/apps give you the option to block users. On Instagram there is also the option to make your account private. Through all the interaction with social media it becomes extremely important to stay safe, and never take anything to heart. Sometimes people lash out at people because of pure jealously, or they use people because of the amount of followers they have. It is crucial that you do a small bio checks before accepting someone to follow you.

USA Football International Bowl

Good morning,


USA Football is hosting the International Bowl- a showcase for top middle school and high school football players- over two weekends (Jan. 30-31 at AT&T Stadium, Feb. 7 at UTA Maverick Stadium) here in North Texas.


You can acquire FREE tickets (one per order) online at


Additional tickets are just $5 plus a fee.


Desoto HS senior Bryce English will be playing in the Under-19 U.S. Team vs. Canada on Saturday, February at 1 p.m. at the UTA Maverick Stadium.



winter ball


IMG_4675_1 IMG_4695Winter Ball Previews Prom 2015 The senior class of 2015 had an amazing winter ball on January 17, 2015. Despite it being the winter season, the class of 2015 was able to enjoy this year’s Winter Ball free of freezing weather. “It wasn’t even that cold,” senior Jabarri Watson said. Both the ladies and guys of the senior class took some time out to dress up and prepare for the evening. It was evident in the marvelous gowns and in the fancy suits. Numbers of the ladies had spent a large amount of the entire day preparing forthe event. “It took all day [to get ready],” senior Shelby Talton said. The hair, makeup, and outfits altogether created a huge show for everyone to see. From dazzling and sparkling shoes to colorful gowns of purples and reds, all of the ladies of the winter ball looked spectacular. Different styles from each person came out nicely. Working all day just for the evening definitely seemed worth it for the ladies. The venue for winter ball was the same place as where prom 2014 was held. Many seniors of 2015 enjoyed the Aristide Event Center as well. “I liked the place,” Coliea Crawford, senior, said. “It was so beautiful.” All aspects of the night were absolutely pleasant, from the outstanding visuals of the place, to the food and dining. Even the music was enjoyable. Mr. Maison was the infamous DJ for the night. “The music was great because Maison mixed it up to where it was a lot of old school for us 90s babies,” senior Leah McClellan said. “And then there was new school mixed in with that but not just that popular or bandwagon type music.” The night ended around midnight, and although students enjoyed the food served at Aristide, they went out to eat and enjoy the rest of the evening. Students visited any restaurant open late at night: places ranging from Whataburger to Waffle House. “Even though the food was real good, we still went to the waffle house and just [enjoyed the night],” senior Imani Crosby said. The night was great for each student. From the music by DJ Calculus, to the different outfits put together by the students, to the incredible food given by AristideEvent Center, everything about Winter Ball 2015 was astounding. “I enjoyed it,” senior Julian Topic said. “I really enjoyed the night.”