USA Football International Bowl

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USA Football is hosting the International Bowl- a showcase for top middle school and high school football players- over two weekends (Jan. 30-31 at AT&T Stadium, Feb. 7 at UTA Maverick Stadium) here in North Texas.


You can acquire FREE tickets (one per order) online at


Additional tickets are just $5 plus a fee.


Desoto HS senior Bryce English will be playing in the Under-19 U.S. Team vs. Canada on Saturday, February at 1 p.m. at the UTA Maverick Stadium.




winter ball

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IMG_4675_1 IMG_4695Winter Ball Previews Prom 2015 The senior class of 2015 had an amazing winter ball on January 17, 2015. Despite it being the winter season, the class of 2015 was able to enjoy this year’s Winter Ball free of freezing weather. “It wasn’t even that cold,” senior Jabarri Watson said. Both the ladies and guys of the senior class took some time out to dress up and prepare for the evening. It was evident in the marvelous gowns and in the fancy suits. Numbers of the ladies had spent a large amount of the entire day preparing forthe event. “It took all day [to get ready],” senior Shelby Talton said. The hair, makeup, and outfits altogether created a huge show for everyone to see. From dazzling and sparkling shoes to colorful gowns of purples and reds, all of the ladies of the winter ball looked spectacular. Different styles from each person came out nicely. Working all day just for the evening definitely seemed worth it for the ladies. The venue for winter ball was the same place as where prom 2014 was held. Many seniors of 2015 enjoyed the Aristide Event Center as well. “I liked the place,” Coliea Crawford, senior, said. “It was so beautiful.” All aspects of the night were absolutely pleasant, from the outstanding visuals of the place, to the food and dining. Even the music was enjoyable. Mr. Maison was the infamous DJ for the night. “The music was great because Maison mixed it up to where it was a lot of old school for us 90s babies,” senior Leah McClellan said. “And then there was new school mixed in with that but not just that popular or bandwagon type music.” The night ended around midnight, and although students enjoyed the food served at Aristide, they went out to eat and enjoy the rest of the evening. Students visited any restaurant open late at night: places ranging from Whataburger to Waffle House. “Even though the food was real good, we still went to the waffle house and just [enjoyed the night],” senior Imani Crosby said. The night was great for each student. From the music by DJ Calculus, to the different outfits put together by the students, to the incredible food given by AristideEvent Center, everything about Winter Ball 2015 was astounding. “I enjoyed it,” senior Julian Topic said. “I really enjoyed the night.”

Holiday Parade 1

christmas parade

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Holiday Parade 2 Holiday Parade 4Desoto’s forty-second annual Christmas parade took place December 6 this year. It began at Seahawk Drive and continued on a southerly route on Hampton Road, ending at the Desoto Town Center. Some of the floats went all out in their decorations, the theme being anything which caused reminiscence of “Charlie Brown’s Christmas.” Many hours of preparation the week of and the week before the parade promised a magical procession. As the daylight slowly faded, the lights of the beautifully decorated floats sparkled, catching the eyes of the many spectators eagerly awaiting the procession. Although it was cold, there was still quite a turnout, and there was a small stand selling hot chocolate to take a bite out of the chill in the air. Most lucky onlookers were also able to receive candy from the floats, along with a hearty “Merry Christmas!” The parade came to an end with Mr. and Mrs. Claus riding atop a fire truck waving to the gathered community, wishing them the best of holidays.

Mock Trial Team

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Our Mock Trial Team competed in district 5 competition saturday 12-6-14. Our Team Qualified to go to state competition in Austin on January 29th, 2015.

Trail Team members that qualified to go to state are:

Kaitlyn Virgil

Quaysha Greene

Keyana Alexander

Shelby Talton

Birdie Williams

Justin Sharp

Christopher Plummer

Joel Leach lll

Please congratulate each of these students.


School Notes

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Club Reporter

  • Tuesday, December 9   DeSoto ISD Theater “Night of Scenes” DHS Auditorium -7:00 p.m.
  • Sunday,  December 14  DeSoto High School Choral Department Holiday Concert Hampton Road Baptist Church – 6:00 p.m.
  • Friday,    December 19 DeSoto High School A Capella and JV Choirs Northpark Mall – 1:00 p.m.

Eagle Battalion Heads For Competition

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Saturday, November 1, 2014, the day of competition for the teams of our very own Eagle Battalion, and their as excited as ever! They are so focused and determined to win first place this year, and each team has worked their hardest since school started. Each team, Armed Drill Team, Color Guard, Unarmed Drill Team, and PT (Physical Team), have been training from 3:00 to 5:00 PM, Monday thru Thursday (and sometimes Friday in case of competition being tomorrow). The captains have yelled, worked, and yelled again, and the members aren’t complaining at all as they know how serious competition is.

The Desoto Eagle Battallion, along with many other schools, have competed at the Wilkerson Greines Activity Center, where each team has their own area to do inspection, regulation, and exhibition. All teams, besides PT, participate outdoors, where even though it was cold, the teams didn’t let that get to them. I talked with Aspin, a PT captain of Air Force ROTC from another school. He and I talked about the competition standards, as well as the various ROTCs at different schools. Afterwards, he and his team were able to pose for a good picture.

Overall, the teams were valiant in their performance, as each Drill Sergeant was impressed with how each team has exceeded each of the courses given by them. The Drill Sergeants even asked off-the-wall questions to each cadet, who even though found that as a setback, they still remained composed and answered with confidence. Anyway, at the end, they all came back to the school with their heads held high, and their tummies filled with Jack-in-a-Box (some still have Jack-in-a-Box food & drinks). My personal experience with the Eagle Battalion Special Teams was remarkable, as expected. I’m glad to have joined such an extraordinary organization.