Football Year in Review

The Eagles started off the season by leaping through the air and reigning over the competition. They started off by defeating Martin 55-30 in a season opener for all to remember. They continued to dominate as they flew past their opponents in rapid succession. Eastern Christian Academy was up next and The Eagles, led by #21 Larry Nixon who scored the first touchdown, and also set a precedent for dominance that would follow throughout the rest of the season.
Fellow teammates stepped up and cashed in several points to net a final score of 54-34. The Eagles were rolling high and they would not be stopped.

“Winning is a great way to send a shockwave to the rest of the district.” Said Chris Orr.

They went on to face South Oak Cliff and won 53-13, they went on the road to defeat Steele 29-24. They shutdown Grand Prairie with a victory of 53-0. The winning streak was prominent, and it was evident that The eagles were cruising into a top seed in the playoffs. The tension was brought to an all time high when the faced their bitter rivals, The Cedar Hill Longhorns. It was October 23, a Thursday. The day that would not only decide a playoff position, but also add another chapter to the long running rivalry. The game was well fought on both sides. The Longhorns put up the first touchdown, then the Eagles, the game went back and forth for a long while with no clear winner popping up. Then, towards the end of the game, after putting up 42 points, the Longhorns began to shift gears and the pressure clipped the Eagle’s of their flight. Touchdown after touchdown The Longhorns secured a lead, and wouldn’t let it go. The Eagles put up a fight to the finish, but ultimately were unable to take the victory. The game ended 65-42.

After the defeat, The Eagles could’ve given up, they could’ve lost all hope after losing one important game. They could’ve broken down and threw off the entire remainder of their season, but they didn’t. They went back to the drawing board, kept their heads high, and proved that after being shot down from glorious flight, a great team can recover. They were no longer cocky and went on to sweep the rest of the teams they were up against. Midloathian was taken down 41-7, Duncanville was stopped with 69-20, they even went to the playoffs and defeated Coppell 51-35.
The Eagle’s season ended with a loss to Allen, in a game that had no clear winner until the final seconds. Both teams fought hard, and fought till the end. The final score was 22-25. The Eagles ended the season on a high note, having earned titles and broke records, they look towards the future.

Softball Year in Review

Warming up before every game by doing stretches and running the softball girls use every minute they have to their advantage. For the first two hours of practice the girls work on their plays half of them work on their throws while the other half are in the cages.
“Coach Schildt is a good coach,” Viri Diaz said, “the way I learned to pitch and how I pitch is all thanks to her, she helped me through it.”
The season started late for our girls and due to the weather they are only on their second district game. Even though it resulted in a loss for the team their spirits are only revved and ready for the next opponent.

Tennis Year in Review

Team spirit doesn’t even begin to cover the tennis team. Practicing until 4 sometimes even staying later than that working on serves, forehands, and backhands to prepare for tournaments.
“We are currently in the middle of training for tournaments,” Sabrina Gonzales, junior, said “It is not easy but it’s fun.”
Their beginning season didn’t work out in their favor but that didn’t discourage any of the players. It only made them want to try harder and keep moving forward.

Eaglettes in Review

The Eaglettes are a group of young ladies who entertain crowds with dance; the group this year has been involved in various activities making their year a productive one at best. Football season is their main priority, having to perform at every game; after all it is a drill team. The team spends a week preparing each halftime show. However, own responsibilities as a team do not end with football games.In addition, to the football season the Eaglettes also performs in parades. Such as, homecoming, thanksgiving, Christmas and more. This year homecoming fell in October, also the moth for breast cancer awareness. The girls were filled up to their boots with performances; “ Discipline, running, training and such, its a lot of hard work and dedication.” Kristian Lewis, sophomore. Luckily they accomplished them with perfection. The Eaglettes season does not slow down their, their schedules become overwhelmingly hectic after December.The second semester includes tryouts for next year, dance competitions, and banquet and most importantly, the Spring Show. The girls have a minimum of three competitions a year, with weeks of preparation. Each competition can have seven or more dances that need to be learned and become show off ready. The annual Banquet is an award ceremony held for the team congratulating and honoring the members for their hard work through out the year. A Spring Show features all the team members, costumes, and routines the team has done. In this every member gets to show off something unique about him or her and what he or she are best in.

volleyball year in review

Digging Through the Season: Volleyball The Lady Eagles Varsity Volleyball team worked with high energy throughout the season. From facing many intense competitions, the Lady Eagles gained knowledge on becoming a winning team. They won first first in district and moved to the bi-district playoffs to win against Trinity High School, 3-1. They then on moved to area and faced defeat to Hebron. “We hadn’t faced a team of their caliber,” Morgan Johnson, senior, said. “ So we didn’t know how to respond.” Even with their great rank pre-playoffs, the Lady Eagles have faced defeat once during the regular season. The single loss was during an intense game against Mansfield. “I cried,” Shelby Talton, senior, said. “I wanted it all, and it was heartbreaking to lose.” This team was superb despite that single setback. Their success is made through hours of practice and their chemistry with each other on the court. On the court, the ladies have plenty of force in every hit, and they achieve high energy by feeding off each other. They do it all because of their teamwork. “Everybody loves each other,” Morgan Johnson, senior, said. “This is the best chemistry we’ve had in a while, and we’re all one big family.” This family-like team will lose five graduating seniors after this year. “”It’s heart-wrenching to know that I’ll never play with these girls again,” Johnson, senior, said. “They were really my best friends and sisters.” However, the incoming team members for the 2015-2016 school year will be able to fill in the roster.

BANDtastic Year!

Through all the variations and the draining hours of band practice the students still remain enthusiastic and poised. “We had a really fun year; it gets harder and harder”, Jewell Cookey junior said. The marching season consisted of several area competitions every Saturday during October, usually resulting in the students not returninghome until midnight. “Tiring and exhausting” are words Aston Welch; junior said about his late drives home. Concert season is a time when the two bands“Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band perform. “Even though concert season hasn’t officially begun”, Jewell, said, she just hopes they get straight 1’s, which they haven’t received in a while. Band students also have competed individually for All Region Band, All Region Orchestra and All Region Jazz. The top chairs go compete in Pre-Area, Area, and State. February is the month where band students get the chance to compete in the Solo and Ensemble events. If the music they performed from memory is performed precise and with confidence, they received a 1. Band probably seems like a bit much to handle, but it is also an organization where one can meet new people and make great friendships. “Band was fun, Jovan Dew, graduating senior said “We went to a lot of competitions, competed, and came even closer to success since I’ve been here”To end the year off the band will take an annual “Spring Trip”. As the spring season is approaching so is the band “Spring Trip”. This year the Band will be headed to New Orleans. “I think the Spring Trip is exciting because we’re going to New Orleans, a one of a kind city to visit, and hear great jazz”,Jovan said. Many other members of the band have the same enthusiasm as Jovan. The band students have all endured a long year of fun, memories, and hard work and as Mike Rowe once said “I am looking forward to the future and feeling grateful for the past.” This sure has been a BANDtastic Year!

Girls Soccer

This season for soccer the Lady Eagles have worked tremendously hard, playing in 40-degree weather and facing other trained dedicated schools. Although there was some losses they were also triumph, the team was also more dedicated to each other.
“I liked how close we were to everyone this year both varsity and junior varsity, like we are all crazy sisters and have so much fun together from the locker room to the field,” Vikki Uzu.