Vending Machines

The first day of school. Many students were shocked as they filled the cafeteria’s surrounding areas, only to find their beloved vending machines are gone. Upon investigating, it is revealed that this change is due to a new law passed over the summer, in which schools can no longer sell or provide unhealthy snacks. I took to the cafeteria to see how the students felt.
“I think the change is stupid and is a waste of time” said sophomore Martha Fonseca.
I went between grades to see a different perspective. “I don’t see a point in the change. I feel it was a waste of effort.” Said freshman Hunter Black. Most of the responses were negative, as students do not seem to like their beloved vending machines removed. Some students have even began to substitute what the vending machines provided. There are a number of students have began to sell third hand or purchase outside of school.
The change has definitely affected the school itself, as in previous years the revenue from the vending machines was very valuable. “I don’t see why they took it away, it brought them money!” said sophomore Xavier Davis. The initiative obviously is to replace all unhealthy snacks in schools and therefore make students more healthy. “I’ll never revert to healthy snacks,even if I buy from outside of school.” Said Anthony.