Senior Parking spots

Senior Parking spots

After years 3 years of waiting, the day finally came. After admiring and marveling at spots in the past, it was finally our turn. After 3 years of talking about what we’d paint when it was our senior year, we finally got the chance to paint our very own parking spaces in the senior parking lot.

“Finally having my own spot and becoming a senior gave me a sense of accomplishments,” Jonathan Simon, senior, said. “It meant moving forward and in life.”

To incoming sophomores, and even to some of the juniors, the senior parking lot seems like a cool mirage. It’s the best to be after school, or at least to underclassmen it seems to be; there’s always loud music booming from some of the senior’s cars, there’s always a group of guys dancing or free styling to the low dull of an instrumental, and there’s always a security guard trying to rush them off of the parking lot– who instead ends up laughing and enjoying the euphoric feeling of being around a crowd of carefree young adults, who are relishing in the fact that it’s their senior year.

“Being in the parking lot after school is a unique experience,” Sabrien Wheeler, senior, said.

Before they were able to part ways with their beloved cars, and retire to the school building, the seniors had to actually secure and paint a spot. The cost of reserving a spot was $25 and the parking passes were $20. Some students felt like $45 was a little steep, but were glad that they did in the long run. Getting to go out and paint their spots with their friends, made the price worth paying.

“At first I was skeptical,” Chevis Armstead, senior, said. ” But I actually enjoyed the [painting] once I started. It was a to express myself and open senior year with a fun activity.”
There was a lot of hard work and self expression put into the designs this year. If the class of 2015 could be summed up by one word, it would probably be creative.

“My spot signifies my outer aesthetic and inner personality in the forms of a giraffe and an elephant, respectively,” Wheeler said.

The senior parking spot this year is just a bright and imaginative as it’s ever been. You can find several self portraits, a few famous icon, and even a parody replica of the monopoly game board. This year’s parking lot oozes with individuality and creativity. The class of 2016 had better begin working on their designs now; it’s going to take a lot of originality to beat the class of 2015.