varsity volleyball lady eagles!!!

varsity volleyball lady eagles!!!

The Varsity Lady Eagles volleyball game against the Duncanville Panthers stirred up many fans and a huge crowd in support of the Desoto High School volleyball team.

“This is one of our main rivals” Coach Rhea’ F. Reed said. “It’s always a big game for us. It’s always an exciting game for us.”

The game against the Duncanville Panthers began with two back-to-back spikes from #7 Morgan Johnson, senior. Throughout the first match, the Lady Eagles faced no issues competing against the opposing team. They only faced minor issues of low energy.

“Our energy was kind of low at times,” #9 Shelby Talton, senior, said, “but we picked it back up, and we got it.”

Despite those minor conflicts, the Lady Eagles were able to fight through and give the Duncanville Panthers tough competition. #4 Jada Burse, junior made a huge spike, breaking an 8-8 tie. Soon enough, the score became 20-14, in favor of the Lady Eagles because of a major hit by #14 Lexi Burke, senior.

The opening of second match was full of faults by Duncanville, causing the Lady Eagles to have a 7-point lead. A great play by the teamwork of #10 Jaime Polk, junior, #14 Burke, senior, and #7 Johnson, senior caused the score to become 15-7. This play had fans taking great notice of the Lady Eagles’ teamwork.

“I feel excited because they’re really coming together as a team” Coach Reed said. “If they play up to their potential, I think they could be really good.”

In the second match, the lady eagles were leading by as much as 15. The ending score of match two was 25-12, the Lady Eagles with the win.

In the third match, Duncanville gave the Lady Eagles tougher feedback to bounce back from their performance in match two. With an excellent volley between the Lady Eagles and Duncanville, the score was tied 3-3. #4 Burse junior, and #11 Darrielle King, junior, blocked spikes from the opposing team twice, causing the score for Desoto to go up by two points. The score soon became 21-19, in favor of the Duncanville Panthers. Soon enough, the Lady Eagles were able to play aggressively in order to take back the lead. Match three ended in favor of the Lady Eagles, 25-21.

“The game ended exactly how I pictured it,” Shelby Talton said. “We won!”