2014 Talent show

2014 Talent show


After going through the vigorous process of auditioning, 10 acts where eventually chosen for the talent show. Mr. Jesse Canon, the Assistant choir director, worked with the talent show this year and he is strived to make this year even better than last years. Last year there were no prizes everyone was allowed to perform and sing.. The winner was chosen by the audiences’ applause but instead of awarding the winners a prize the aid audience selected everyone as a winner.

“I didn’t go, but I saw videos’ on Instagram. This year’s was way better,” Erica James said.

This year there was a $ 100 prize for the winner of the talent show.

People had to audition and Mr. Cannon carefully selected the talent choosing acts that were very diverse. Vandous Stripling and Wesley Johnson, as “Daye & Nite” as they call themselves, were the hosts. They entertained the crowd with hilarious short skits in-between performances, and helped keep the crowd excited.

“Stage fright is not a problem for us, it’s was a really good experience,” Stripling said.

“It was extremely funny.” Johnson said.

The day of the talent show, one hour before the acts were supposed to go on, they were frantically rehearsing. Keith Walker, who had been rehearsing all day, paused only briefly for a quick interview then went back to warming up his vocals. Walker wasn’t the only one that was rehearsing, “The Droids”, dub step dance group, who won last years competition, had already taken over the stage by 6:30 with beat boxing. They decided to enter last year’s competition as a Dubstep dance group, and after winning they decided to give it another try this year.

“Everything changed that whole school year, everything changed,” The Droids said.

The crowd started to pour in a few minutes before the talent show was supposed to start, quietly discussing who they thought were going to win. Majority wanted the most talented person to win, but the person most people hoped would win was Areyel “Lyric” Cox.

“Keith’s a really good singer, I’d hoped him or Jeremy would’ve won, Armond Young said.

The first act to come on was the “Soul Singers,” which consisted of 18 singers, including most of the acts that were in the talent show. They sung a mash of Nicki Minaj’s “Fly” and the classic “I Believe I can Fly”. Before moving on to the next act Daye and Nite would perform a comedic skit to introduce them. After the Soul Singers, Walker came onto the stage, performing “Grenade” by Bruno Mars. There were a few technical difficulties, Walker’s mike wouldn’t work and his music skipped around and eventually went off. Instead of panicking, Walker remained calm and kept singing and the audience clapped their hands to the beat of the song until one of the backstage crewmembers gave him a new mike and his music returned. Following him was “Anicola” a duet of Chiara “CJ” Jones and Trey Johnson. CJ did vocals and guitar, while Trey played base. They entranced the crowd with the daring song they chose, instead of the ever-cliché pop song, they decided to go against the grain with a more of a heart-felt song; they did a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Autumn Leaves”.

“I picked this song because I’m quite a big fan of Ed Sheeran, and I sung this song at my Grandfathers’ funeral.” CJ Said.

“Cox” who introduced herself as Lyric, came out next. She was dancing to a mash of hip-hop songs with the style of a diva, and the crowd ate it up. Three songs later the music stopped and she struck a pose, blew the audience a kiss, and strutted off the stage. The audience went wild. The next talent was Asia Smith with spoken word. As she spoke the piano was played behind her, allowing her words to flow more easily. Smith spoke about what she thinks about the world through her poetic words.

“Reality is: Our society is messed up. What we are is not really free, we’ve enslaved ourselves. Break free of that crowd of clones. Just know that in the end the sun will shine, and everything will be just fine. Smith said.

Jeremy Boldman or “Chase Monroe” took on the stage after Smith. He did a cover of the pop song “Dark Horse” and gave it a hip-hop twist. The audience couldn’t help but to stand up and sing it with him. Monroe’s younger brother ran up to the stage to greet him, standing right next to the apron as the song ended. Hallet Taft and Trey Poe, brothers came onto the stage with a song they created. After giving a shout out to God, their family, and their supporters they began to sing a lyrical song about friends and relationships ending. By the end of the song a few audience members had began to catch on and sing as well.

“I think Hallet and Trey did good. I just think Hallet needs to use more energy and Trey needs to enunciate more. They have a great song, it was really good.” Jasmine Thornton, Hallet’s Girlfriend, said.

The second to last act, the Droids, graced the stage with the agility of a robot. The dub-step dancers, with their hoodies and khaki pants, began to break dance as soon as the dub-step music played. A crowd of people ran to the beginning of the apron with their telephones out fighting to get the best spot to take a video. The trio managed to move like actual robots, moving their bodies slowly and to the beat. At the end of their performance, true to their name, they shut down like actual Androids, making the crowd go wild with applause.

Mariah Dawson followed with her cover of the love song “Paper Hearts”. The piano played the beat in the background as everyone watched Mariah as she began to sing each lyric of the love song. With a respectful amount of claps she left the stage, and the last act made their way onto it.

Sierra Ortan, Alexus Little, and Sarah Nickerson were supposed to come on next, but only Ortan and Little came onto the stage. They sung their cover of the soulful song “Golden” and the audience sung along. Nickerson never showed, but the audience loved them anyways.

“I prayed that Asia would win, she worked really hard.” Michol Rollins, Smith’s girlfriend, said.

The audience would determine the winner, just like last year, by applause. Every act got a decent amount of claps, but three talents stood out with an equal round of applause. Ortan & Little, Lyric, and The Droids were tied. The three acts where pulled to the front and a recount was made, everyone got a decent amount of applause, but when Stripling’s hand went over the trios’ head the auditorium echoed with screams. The Droids had won the talent show for the third time, and they’d won a trophy and $ 100. The Droids were swamped when coming off the stage, fans begging for hugs and a few asked for autographs. The Droids were overwhelmed by the amount of attention they were receiving.

“It feels great! We thought we were going to lose, to be honest. It kinda scared us, last year we kinda blew up and now this. We’ll definitely be doing the spring show!” The Droids said.