CMP is much more than just an acronym. It stands for the Collegiate Magnet Program. In 2013, the district launched The Collegiate Magnet program, which is a program dedicated to students who are academically inclined, or to students who have goals and aspirations. The students in the Collegiate Magnet Program are enrolled in approximately two college classes per semester for free, therefore giving the students a chance to receive an Associates degree, along with a high school diploma when they graduate from High School.

“The DHS Collegiate Magnet Program is second to none in the nation”, said Superintendent David Harris.

The incoming students and their families were itching with anticipation. The students hopes were set high, and most of them just wanted to be given a chance to prove their intellect to the administrators; they simply just wanted to be akin to a school organization.
“When I first started the program I wasn’t sure what to expect,” , Christopher Turner, junior said. “..out of the college classes or having an actual college professor on a High School campus.”

The Collegiate Magnet students participate in things like summits, teen leadership programs and trips to universities like the one coming up to Grambling State University On October 11th 2014. After questioning many students, majority of the members agreed on the fact that the program can get very perilous keeping up with the college classes and the High School classes, especially if you participate in certain sports and other after school activities.

“It is challenging dealing with both, because the expectation level is to do well in both,” Christopher said. “We have to work harder than everybody else and do whatever it takes to be successful.”

‘Team Work makes the Dream Work’ is a saying you could use to describe the current status of students in The Collegiate Magnet Program. Kids in the program confirmed that with the help of one another, they get work done more efficiently and are able to get things turned in faster.

“With the support system of the actual staff and the students, it was less challenging than I actually thought it would be,” Taylor Green, junior said.

The importance of this program is very beneficial. The Collegiate Magnet Program offers a variety of degree opurtunities, which give them the option to choose the one of their choice; the choice that will help the students in the long run.

“ Century 21 Is approaching very rapidly and the kids are being empowered for this”, Mrs. Wilson, or Assistant of Mrs. Angela Batiste said.

Indeed it is no joke, hence the title“ collegiate”, which technically means you’ll be classified as a college student. The Program seems to be very intriguing. It’s like a win-win state of affairs. As far as I can see it seems to be enhancing the students maturity level, and preparing them for the real world. Many schools aren’t traditionally doing this, so “The DHS Collegiate Magnet Program” certainly is “second to none in the nation”.