Peer Education Conference

FCCLA are the family, career and community leaders of America. This past weekend the members of the organization embarked on a wonderful mission filled with interaction, learning and new experience. The conference allowed students from around the world to come together and collaborate with each other, the president was fond of the festivities; “I enjoyed it, it was a learning experience for myself and the group, I also feel it was a great way to introduce Desoto High School to other chapters of FCCLA.” Nautica Hunt, President, said. A great component of being apart of the organization is communicating with others, especially those who differ from you.

Because so many individuals were involved in the conference there were numerous opportunities to meet someone new and innovating. When you meet someone from a totally different lifestyle than you and discover you have similar interests it is exciting; “At the conference I met a young lady named Ashley, we worked in a group for the entire conference and swapped ideas to take back to our respective schools and improvements we could make. She was special to me because she was in my age group and had a similar background as myself.” Keelyn Givens, Vice President, said. At the conference, the instructors taught the attendees how to construct successful events, to always commend yourself on the successful components, but to also point out what could be improved.