Foreign Exchange at Desoto

Foreign exchange student have such a hard time on the first week of school, so not only is their language being dropped, but the class format is different as well. Instead of staying in one classroom all day, they’re roaming the halls searching for their classes after each bell rings. Even their home life is different. They have to stay in a completely different house, with a completely different family.

According to Lena, she felt like a guest, but it’s getting better. Most of these students are staying together so if they feel out of place they can talk to each other.  “Its just new rules, but i’m making it”, senior Vanesssa Obiogwa from Germany said. Beside that, their host parents still play as parents and are good to them.

“ [In Brazil], we would come at 7 and leave at 1,” Giovanna Garcia, senior, said. “We would stay in one classroom and our teachers would come to us.” Just like a freshman, they were all lost on their first day walking to their first class. Seeing nothing but new faces and hearing new sounds. This is still just the first six weeks, so the hardships aren’t much of a deal. Considering the new ground, this is all for a reason.

“I came to america to broaden my horizons”,Xiaocon Huang, a senior foreign exchange student from China, said.  They chose to become foreign exchange students for the experience. Like Ingrid Boersum, her cousin was a foreign exchange student and their memories were great, but out of all places they chose Texas.