Cultural Discovery: Costa Rica

Spanish teacher Yolunda Elam and U.S History teacher Christopher Hill are taking a total of 12 students to Costa Rica for spring break. Each teacher needs at least six students in order to make the trip happen. This cultural trip was planned toward the end of last year but it was never made official. The idea once again brought back and all it took was having lunch with a good friend.

“We just started talking about world events and things like credit, so I asked her ‘What ever happened to that Costa Rica trip that you all were supposed to go on last year?’ Hill said. “She just said that she was thinking about doing it again this year and asked if I was willing to join.”

Both teachers seemed very excited about the trip. Not only for themselves, also for the experience the students will receive. The trip itself is sponsored by EF Educational Tours. This organization was made to help students get a better understanding of the world and the beauties it holds.

“This is something that, if ever asked, everybody should jump on because you can’t put a price on experience,” Hill said. “Especially in high school because a lot of people won’t even go passed the Trinity River so to get that opportunity to go abroad its something everyone should look forward to.”

The trip itself will have many activities for the students and teachers to take part in. Day one through three will be the flight, while also meeting with the director. Then the students will be in San Jose and discover a world of biological diversity only for the third day to consist of kayaking and a hike to La Fortuna Waterfall. That is only the beginning.

“ I think they’ll come back with a different mindset,” Elam said. “Because you see so many things in movies and on television and they assume that’s how it is but it’s different when you actually experience it”

At the recent meeting in which Elam explained the whole trip along with the cost, there were at least 13 students who are excited and ready to travel, even the teachers have their own activities that they look forward to as well.

“I’m a foodie,” Hill said. “I’m happy so long as I can eat and my expectation on the food is that I hope it’s spicy because I love spicy foods and hopefully I can learn some recipes although I’m a foodie I am not a chef.”