Love: What to Do When…?

All my life, I’ve learned that love is a bond between two persons who have established a significant attraction towards one another. However, like death, love is no game. When you believe your relationship will bloom eternally, it turns against you in a flash. Your dominant figure (the one who wears the pants in the relationship) believes that he won’t have any prohibitions, and because of that, they feel that side of their conscious telling them to get lucky with another one and hide it from your first lover. The recessive figure (the sensitive one) would live in some fantasy paradise, where their dominant lover would always stick to one “lover”, and would lavish them with gifts, poems, and sweet romance. I only have this to say: “You are probably still believing in fairy tales, or you have watched too many Disney movies.” Love is all about trials and tribulations, in which you will have to face some hard times and eventually move on. Don’t get revenge on your ex-lover by giving them a poisonous substance, spreading rumors about them, or even telling their new lover not to trust them or anything. Move on to someone else, focus more on your life, and meet someone better for you.