Whats for lunch

Eager with money in their tingling hands the students stand in the line at the Bistro. The Bistro had its Grand Opening on Wednesday October 1. The Bistro serves breakfast from 7:00 am until 10:42 am, and lunch from 10:42 – 1:26 p.m.

“This year the students have added so many new amazing menu items like fresh croissants, bacon cheddar scones and more!”, Mrs. Tiffany Hubbard Culinary Instructor said.

The line in the Bistro, wrapped around the inside moves swiftly. There is minimum conflict. The counter workers are shifting along busily taking orders, and handing out Styrofoam to-go containers.

“The money goes back to the students to help provide food for the bistro, we use it to take trips or to buy things the students need,” Vita Jackson Order Taker said.

The students seem to be really focused on helping their customers. They are on their feet at every request. Surely attentiveness is required, but everything is moving at such a fast pace in the Bistro just like it would be in an actual restaurant.

“When I get out of school I plan on opening my own restaurant”, Simbarashe Chisango, junior said.

As we travel a little further into the “Bistro”, or the actual Kitchen, we learn that every single item is made from scratch. The Chefs and the kitchen staff seem to be getting along nicely and respectfully. The kitchen is very structural. I can imagine that creativity is not also necessary for art but also necessary in the kitchen for when the chefs are creating their entrees.

It becomes impossible to imagine just having a random thought of wanting to be a chef or wanting to work in the Culinary Department, because of how systematized everything is, and how mandated it can be. It is for sure that the staff that work in the kitchen are earnestly devoted.

“Yes, I do! I really love to cook, and it usually takes about thirty minutes max, and maybe ten minutes for the small things,” Janesia Hunter, junior said,

Indubitably, there is a lot of thinking involved in cooking, along side with knowing basic mathematics skills. But I began to wonder if there is any other inspiration involved.

“The seniors have the responsibility of coming up with the menu items,” Janesia Hunter, junior said. “Sometimes they base it on their favorite foods.”

Many famous chefs center their menu items on things they think will attract customers. I assume that the chefs in the Bistro use this same method. It is certain that a large number of students dislike the regular cafeteria foods, so they will most likely bring money for the Bistro or a packed lunch from home.

“Its awesome! The food is amazing!, “ Hettie Else, junior said. “It is better than some restaurants out in the world”

Huge claim presented by Hettie about the Bistro. From experience, I can say that the Bistro is pretty tasty. The seasoned, fully cooked burgers just melt in your mouth. To top that off the fresh cut seasoned French fries, are scrumbscious also.

The Bistro is also a huge new contributor to the School thanks to the students, student workers, chef and kitchen staff who make it a huge success. The Bistro will surely be around to provide delicious food to everyone for a while. If you haven’t had a chance to visit, it is recommended that you do, so go ahead and ask what’s for lunch.