Desoto vs. Gophers

Eagles Swoop Down And Sink Claws Into Gopher Meat
The Eagles continue to prove why they deserve their undefeated rating with an easy win over The Gophers friday night,bringing their rating to 5-0.The Eagles have cruised their way into prestigous spots this year,being No.3 in Texas so far,not to mention being No.14 in the nation.They traveled to Grand Prairie friday night with the mindset of winners,and it worked.
“It’s a great way to start the district undefeated as well as send a shockwave to the rest of the district.”#35 Chris Orr said.
Talk about a shockwave,the game started off in the Eagles favor with quick yardtage by their sophomore Quarterback Jaylin Nelson coordinating with Senior wide receiver Kevin Thomas for an easy gain of 15.Penalties plagued both teams but the Eagles kept pushing offensively and got a 20 yard run out of Junior Laderren Brown,putting them in perfect position for a pass two plays later which got them the first score of the game.After the successful Field Goal the Eagles take the lead with 7 to the Gophers 0.
The Gophers just couldn’t get it together as their first drive was riddled with incomplete passes and false starts. The Eagle defense was lead by Junior Alvin “AJ’ Muhammad who delivered punishing tackles and kept the offense on their toes,albeit they couldn’t keep up. Ultimately,the ball was kicked back to the Eagles star wide receiver James Proche who came out of nowhere with an astounding zig-zag return for a 60 yard touchdown! The crowd was electric,showing support without waver. After a wide right missed field goal,the score is brought to 13-0 with 8:09 left in the 1st quarter and the Eagles still on top.
By this time the Eagles began to hunger for more and more points as they squib kicked the ball and almost recovered it. Gophers Runningback Abraham Newsome put up 5 yards,then was unable to gain a yard in the next play. Quarterback Romeo Cantu’s pass was deflected and then fell incomplete.The ball was turned over and the Eagles came back with a smooth 1st down conversion. Quarterback Jaylin Nelson even got 7 yards on a run.This time the Eagles too resulted in a turnover on downs.The 1st quarter came to a close without another score.
“We dominated,came out first scoring,getting tackles and pass blocks,contributing to it all.”#9 Carrington Nelson said.
Defense definitely played their part as the Eagles began the 2nd quarter by forcing a fumble and Defensive Back Dominique Thomas was there for the recovery,ensuring the Eagles had more scoring to do. A tough Eagle run broke fourn tackles and got 20 yards,marking thme at the 5. Seconds later the fans were cheering as 7 more points were added to the score,making this a 20-0 game.The 2nd quarter continued on with players like Lrry Nixon rushing for yards and The Gophers Quarterback making decisive throws until they punted it off. Wide receiver Khairi Muhammad scored a 45 yard touchdown giving the Eagles their 26th point as the Gophers could do nothing to counter. Just before the 1st half cold end,with 00:06 left on the clock the Eagles Wide receiver Akile Davis caught a pass making it 33-0.
The second half continued on as the Eagles #21 Larry Nixon ran for a TD,scoring the 40th point of the game and the crowd was officially going beserk! The Eagles put up points back to back to back,whether it was #2 James Proche or #1 Kevin Thomas or even a defensive playmaker #15 Matthew Siggers,the Eagles were unstoppable and finished 53-0.