LGBT: Equality For All

Equality is something that everyone fights and dies for. Most people tend to be concerned about other peoples happiness even though it’s not anyone’s business. The month of October was chosen as LGBT awareness month because National Coming Out Day was established as a widely known event on October 11. It also commemorated the first march on Washington for the Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation in 1979.

“I appreciate what the organization does,” Nuri May, junior, said. “Some people just aren’t going to accept you, they have to understand both sides and I think the hate is obviously unnecessary there shouldn’t be hate towards anybody”

It’s not just gays and lesbians that receive hate, it’s anyone who is considered different. It goes so far that the parent’s chose and control what their children believe. Equality is for everyone no matter the color of your skin or what you believe.

“When you hear stuff about gay people on the news and society is like ‘ oh I don’t want my child to hear about this because then they’ll turn gay’ its like so do you not want to hear about black people on the news because you don’t want them to turn black,” Jason Escalante, sophomore, said, “it just doesn’t make any sense to me.”

When people receive hate because of things they cant change it causes conflict within schools and work environments. Just because you are around something or someone you are not comfortable with does not mean that gives you the right to lash out at it. Not enough people are aware of how words can hurt and how kids are cruel.

“I used to receive a lot of hate,” May said “Because I guess they were just shocked. They used to tell me things like ‘your gonna go to hell’ and ‘ you don’t need to be like that’ and it hurt me really badly, but I eventually just got over it, I found my inner peace.”