Lady Eagles

The Lady Eagles varsity volleyball team has been working with high energy during each game throughout the season so far. Despite a few minor setbacks, the Lady Eagles have put forth their best efforts and have been rewarded by placing first in the entire district. From their first game and through all the other games, the Lady Eagles have been dominant.

“Knowing that varsity is number one is pretty satisfying,” junior varsity player Jazmyn Mitchell, sophomore, said.

Being first in district is something that the volleyball team must take definite pride in since it was never common for them to place first in the past. The Lady Eagles have achieved such a high level of rank that they scream school pride and the meaning of teamwork. From facing opponents like Midlothian, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, the Lady Eagles gained knowledge on becoming a team that can achieve and remain at first place in district.

“Being first in district is the best feeling in the world,” Shelby Talton, senior, said. “We have put in a lot of sweat, tears, and sleepless mornings for this.”

Despite their amount of success, the Lady Eagles faced small issues, with one loss on their standings. A single loss against Mansfield had the Lady Eagles disappointed.

“I cried,” Talton, senior, said. “I wanted it all, and it was heartbreaking to lose.”

However, the Ladies were able to bounce back from that loss. The Lady Eagles beat Duncanville, South Grand Prairie, and Grand Prairie each 3-0. Whether it is from a loss or simply in the energy in a game, the varsity team works in order to keep their flow going. To them, it is their job to get on the court and win.

“My goal is to intimidate and dominate our opponents,” Morgan Johnson, senior, said.

To the Lady Eagles, each game is a huge opportunity to become better. They all learn from each mistake, and they are able to show what they’ve acquired from previous practices and matches.

“All of the games are memorable because each one was a learning experience,” Talton, senior, said.

To support the Lady Eagles, hordes of fans pack into games to cheer on the team. The gyms are constantly packed, and this is one huge reason why the ladies are able to do so well for each game.

“I live off the crowd,” Johnson, senior, said. “When they get excited, I get excited; knowing that there are people in the stands constantly pulling for me is encouraging.”

Other factors contributing to the Lady Eagles’ success is their chemistry and drive to succeed. On the court, the ladies have plenty of force in every hit, and they achieve high energy by feeding off each other. They do it all because they have teamwork.

“Everybody loves each other,” Johnson, senior, said. “This is the best chemistry we’ve had in a while, and we’re all one big family.”