Eagle Battalion Heads For Competition

Saturday, November 1, 2014, the day of competition for the teams of our very own Eagle Battalion, and their as excited as ever! They are so focused and determined to win first place this year, and each team has worked their hardest since school started. Each team, Armed Drill Team, Color Guard, Unarmed Drill Team, and PT (Physical Team), have been training from 3:00 to 5:00 PM, Monday thru Thursday (and sometimes Friday in case of competition being tomorrow). The captains have yelled, worked, and yelled again, and the members aren’t complaining at all as they know how serious competition is.

The Desoto Eagle Battallion, along with many other schools, have competed at the Wilkerson Greines Activity Center, where each team has their own area to do inspection, regulation, and exhibition. All teams, besides PT, participate outdoors, where even though it was cold, the teams didn’t let that get to them. I talked with Aspin, a PT captain of Air Force ROTC from another school. He and I talked about the competition standards, as well as the various ROTCs at different schools. Afterwards, he and his team were able to pose for a good picture.

Overall, the teams were valiant in their performance, as each Drill Sergeant was impressed with how each team has exceeded each of the courses given by them. The Drill Sergeants even asked off-the-wall questions to each cadet, who even though found that as a setback, they still remained composed and answered with confidence. Anyway, at the end, they all came back to the school with their heads held high, and their tummies filled with Jack-in-a-Box (some still have Jack-in-a-Box food & drinks). My personal experience with the Eagle Battalion Special Teams was remarkable, as expected. I’m glad to have joined such an extraordinary organization.