Honoring the Veterans

Every year Veterans are honored for their hard work,dedication,and service for our country.Likewise every year parades are held throughout the country and people march in respect.However,Veteran’s Day is more than just a day off for some and attending an assembly.For a lot of people Veteran’s Day is a lot more close to home.A lot of people have Veterans in their family,but what exactly is a Veteran?
“A Veteran is someone who served our country.”
Most people might say,and techincally that’s true,yet painfully simple. Anyone who has served in any branch for a certain amount of time and got out honorably is considered a veteran. However that is just a definition,what is a true veteran?
A Veteran is more than just someone who has served,and they shouldn’t be treated as just an person with stories to tell. Veterans are heroes,they fought for our country and put their life on the line just so we could continue ours. They didn’t have to,they weren’t forced too,they chose too.They chose to go out into what many would consider hell on earth and did it all willingly.
As always,there was a parade held in Downtown Dallas,commerating those who served.It was cold that morning,yet a whole Battalion of cadets came out and marched for miles in the hazardous weather willingly.For some it was their first time,for others it was a regular occurence,regardless a running theme here is will.
Veterans choose to do what they do.Cadets choose to bring credit to their school,Corps of Cadets and overall,those who serve.Will is something that not everyone posses,but those who do stand apart from the rest.Not everyone has what it takes to be a Veteran,but those who do deserve praise.