When most people think of training they think of working out, and lifting weights to prepare for their upcoming season. The term

“athletic trainer” is completely different. Athletic trainers are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services.


“I’ve been a trainer for Desoto since my freshman year.” Mia Shaw, junior said. “I really love athletic training and I would like to work in this field when I get older.”


There are many students who attend the high school that are also athletic trainers. They would agree that the things that go on in the training room from dealing with player injuries to doing their daily preparation, can be a lot to handle all at once.


“In the training room, we usually practice taping for our competition in April every year, Charles Uzuegbunam , junior said.


Of course, everyone knows in sports the players seem to be overly aggressive, I guess that’s just what it takes to win. Players come into the training room daily for checkups, and muscle therapy.


“We treat injuries as simple as turf burns to injuries like tib-fib fractures, which is a type of injury where the tibula and fibula in your leg splits into two or more pieces, Charles Uzuegbunam, junior said.


Not only do the trainers help the athletes into recovery they also stress the importance of hydration and taking care of their body.

The trainers each have a certain sport they sign up for. Within those sports if there is more than one person assigned to it, they have shifts and rotations.


“As far as shifts and rotations we all have a specific job,” Mia, junior said, “On our assignment sheet it tells us the things that we need to do and for the most part everyone knows how to do their job.


There are a lot of precautionary methods the trainers have to learn and prepare for before actually going away. In a traveling sense in preparation for a varsity game, what the trainers do depends on if the game is home or away.


“Away games require a lot more work to do as far as packing what we need, Mia junior said. “We get various items like tables, coolers, ice chests and tap to pack in our trailer. It’s important that we don’t forget anything because basically everything is a necessity.”


Many of the players