Patrick Atkins : Champion Cheerleader

From regular students, exchange students, and to world champions, the Eagles welcome a new comer to the school, Patrick Atkins. In his younger years he began as a gymnast, but due to physical restrictions he discontinued.
“I hit my head a lot and I was never strong enough to stay on the bars for long,” Atkins said. “I would always just kind of hang up there.”
As a result he took an interest in cheerleading. After three years of practice and determination Atkins joined a profound squad of 35 cheerleaders.
“My mom put me into cheerleading,” Atkins said. “I thought falling was kind of fun but concussions came along with it.”
Being a male cheerleader for a champion team he has learned how to cope with his position, “I never really cared about what people think.” Cheerleading is a competitive sport, and he didn’t take very long to discover that winning has been his favorite aspect.
Cheerleaders are known for being highly flexible however against popular belief, Patrick is not. This inspires other people who also lack certain qualities that want be World Champion Cheerleaders.