Social Media

Erik Qualman once said, “We don’t have a choice in whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.” Half of the world population uses various types of social media and networking sites. According to “” 300 million users are active monthly. More than 75 million people in the world have an Instagram account. Other social media apps such as “Snapchat” have 100 million users that are active monthly. 400 million snaps are made per day.
In 2013 “The Oxford Dictionary” just named “selfie” the word of the year. Of course it may seem fun and very convenient to share your selfies with friends and family. Yet, many people fail to realize those “selfies” or other photos that are taken on a cellular device can be tracked with GPS. Sure, you may have heard that numerous amount of times, but failed to believe it. In one instance there was a soldier’s photo was stolen off of MySpace, posted by a scam artist under a fake account and used to con one woman out of thousands of dollars. If there are indeed millions of people using social media, including adults I began to wonder just what apps or networking sites are receiving all this attention.
After asking people which social media app they preferred, Jazmyn Charles, junior stated that she likes using Instagram and Twitter. Jazmyn said she liked using these particular social media apps simply because it becomes easier to “get to know” a person based off of what they tweet, and/or post. When asked which social media app she preferred, Kenedi Norman, junior revealed that she preferred using Snapchat over any other social media sites about social media etiquette, asking her if she thought it was important to follow standard procedure. She responded by saying “social media etiquette should be enforced because there are some people who misuse it and cause cyber bulling” She feels that if social media etiquette is followed it could prevent suicides and excess stress. Even though all cases aren’t money scandals, or bullying Social media also takes a huge toll on health.
Danny Bowman for example. According to ABC News, nineteen-year-old Danny Bowman allegedly spent up to 10 hours a day taking up to two hundred selfies. Danny started posting selfies to Facebook at the age of 15, but found his addiction spiraling out control after his aspirations of being a male model were rejected. He believed that he wasn’t perfect enough which led to his suicide attempt. Danny shared that “people don’t realize when they post a picture of themselves on Facebook or Instagram It becomes a mission to get approval and it can destroy anyone “its like drugs, alcohol or gambling,” he said.
On this same topic many people seek perfection in their selfies, according to ABC News. Some people even go to extreme measures such as getting nose jobs, or getting their hands injected to cover their veins. They do this all because they want to take that perfect selfie. Social media problems are inevitable. If there is in instance in which someone says something negative to you on a social media site, instead of responding, simply just ignore him or her. If it becomes an every day thing, most social media websites/apps give you the option to block users. On Instagram there is also the option to make your account private. Through all the interaction with social media it becomes extremely important to stay safe, and never take anything to heart. Sometimes people lash out at people because of pure jealously, or they use people because of the amount of followers they have. It is crucial that you do a small bio checks before accepting someone to follow you.