Desoto Softball

It’s that time of the year again when returning softball players dig out their cleats and dust off their bats and prepare for another great season.
            Veteran player Viridiana Diaz, who has had the privilege of playing softball for three years as a pitcher and first baseman, witnessed tryouts and was impressed by the potential offered this year.
            Being a returner player it is encouraged that veteran players help out with the newbies who join the team, “Basically a returner pairs up with a newbie and we try to help them out with basic things like throwing and catching.”
“If we work hard everyday yes my team has decent players, I know if we put in enough effort we could make it to state.”
            When faced with harder teams who have players who work their whole lives for the sport the team has a way of keeping cool during pressured moments.
            “What we do is cheer each other on. We also help with mistakes and keep a positive environment.”
            You can catch the softball team play on Tuesday and Friday nights at 5 and 7.