Varsity, since the beginning, whether it is football or soccer, it’s always been right at his fingertips. He’s always had that passion, that drive, that perseverance to stay active and better his every move. Everyone sees him under those stadium lights on a field that has become a second home to him.

“The soccer field, that’s just where I feel myself ,” Francisco Obregon, senior, said. “Just somewhere where I can kick a ball, it’s the best way to forget about everything.”

Before the jerseys and cleats, a three-year-old Francisco started off with nothing but a ball and a field. While still living in Mexico he was taken to a field for his third birthday to practice soccer for the first time. His family didn’t have much money at the time so they weren’t able to provide much on his birthday, however they did end up providing him with one of the most treasured experiences of his life. Although he was too young to remember this day he’s been told and retold the story enough times to be able to picture it perfectly.

“At first when they said that, I didn’t really believe them,” Obregon said.

“But there’s pictures of me really little standing next to people that are way taller than me.”

For as long as Obregon can remember he’s always played with an older crowd, even up to high school he played at a higher level than most his age. Although soccer was his first love, when he was in the eighth grade he tried football for the first time. Despite what most would think it didn’t work out as planned. Being the soccer player he was, he aspired to be kicker, but unfortunately was denied that position by the coach. It wasn’t until his freshman year that he met with the then varsity football coach, coach Claud Mathis.

“He pulled me out of class,” Obregon said. “Then coach Mathis came and talked to me and was like ‘I want you to kick.’”

Soccer being his first love, he joined the JV soccer team when he was a freshman. After the first grading period Obregon wound up being recruited onto varsity.

Other than excelling in athletics, Obregon also excels in academics holding up his spot in the top 25 percentile with a GPA of 3.74. As for after graduation plans his top school is Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

While he may be the type of person to stay active Obregon does have one weakness – history. Constantly keeping his TV on the History Channel, he enjoys watching all the different types of shows they have.

“People don’t know this,” Obregon said. “I’m a big history freak.”

While during his free time he enjoys being a history junky, Obregon also spends all the time he can with his family. He and his brothers are all not too far apart in age, although he is the oldest, he often has his oldest younger brother tag along with him and friends, being that he is only a year younger. Other than just spending time with his brother, a Sunday meal after church with both his brothers and his parents is a usual thing.

Obregon looks up to his father for providing his family not only with the material things, but mostly with ensuring that they stick together as a family.

“Anything that can keep us together,” Obregon said. “That’s something my dad always encouraged.

Francisco “Pancho” Obregon has been playing on that field his entire high school career and in June he will be able to walk across the stage on that very same field.

“If you don’t work hard for what you want you’re not going to get it,” Obregon said. “Dreams are dreams until you make them come true.”