BANDtastic Year!

Through all the variations and the draining hours of band practice the students still remain enthusiastic and poised. “We had a really fun year; it gets harder and harder”, Jewell Cookey junior said. The marching season consisted of several area competitions every Saturday during October, usually resulting in the students not returninghome until midnight. “Tiring and exhausting” are words Aston Welch; junior said about his late drives home. Concert season is a time when the two bands“Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band perform. “Even though concert season hasn’t officially begun”, Jewell, said, she just hopes they get straight 1’s, which they haven’t received in a while. Band students also have competed individually for All Region Band, All Region Orchestra and All Region Jazz. The top chairs go compete in Pre-Area, Area, and State. February is the month where band students get the chance to compete in the Solo and Ensemble events. If the music they performed from memory is performed precise and with confidence, they received a 1. Band probably seems like a bit much to handle, but it is also an organization where one can meet new people and make great friendships. “Band was fun, Jovan Dew, graduating senior said “We went to a lot of competitions, competed, and came even closer to success since I’ve been here”To end the year off the band will take an annual “Spring Trip”. As the spring season is approaching so is the band “Spring Trip”. This year the Band will be headed to New Orleans. “I think the Spring Trip is exciting because we’re going to New Orleans, a one of a kind city to visit, and hear great jazz”,Jovan said. Many other members of the band have the same enthusiasm as Jovan. The band students have all endured a long year of fun, memories, and hard work and as Mike Rowe once said “I am looking forward to the future and feeling grateful for the past.” This sure has been a BANDtastic Year!