Eaglettes in Review

The Eaglettes are a group of young ladies who entertain crowds with dance; the group this year has been involved in various activities making their year a productive one at best. Football season is their main priority, having to perform at every game; after all it is a drill team. The team spends a week preparing each halftime show. However, own responsibilities as a team do not end with football games.In addition, to the football season the Eaglettes also performs in parades. Such as, homecoming, thanksgiving, Christmas and more. This year homecoming fell in October, also the moth for breast cancer awareness. The girls were filled up to their boots with performances; “ Discipline, running, training and such, its a lot of hard work and dedication.” Kristian Lewis, sophomore. Luckily they accomplished them with perfection. The Eaglettes season does not slow down their, their schedules become overwhelmingly hectic after December.The second semester includes tryouts for next year, dance competitions, and banquet and most importantly, the Spring Show. The girls have a minimum of three competitions a year, with weeks of preparation. Each competition can have seven or more dances that need to be learned and become show off ready. The annual Banquet is an award ceremony held for the team congratulating and honoring the members for their hard work through out the year. A Spring Show features all the team members, costumes, and routines the team has done. In this every member gets to show off something unique about him or her and what he or she are best in.