Football Year in Review

The Eagles started off the season by leaping through the air and reigning over the competition. They started off by defeating Martin 55-30 in a season opener for all to remember. They continued to dominate as they flew past their opponents in rapid succession. Eastern Christian Academy was up next and The Eagles, led by #21 Larry Nixon who scored the first touchdown, and also set a precedent for dominance that would follow throughout the rest of the season.
Fellow teammates stepped up and cashed in several points to net a final score of 54-34. The Eagles were rolling high and they would not be stopped.

“Winning is a great way to send a shockwave to the rest of the district.” Said Chris Orr.

They went on to face South Oak Cliff and won 53-13, they went on the road to defeat Steele 29-24. They shutdown Grand Prairie with a victory of 53-0. The winning streak was prominent, and it was evident that The eagles were cruising into a top seed in the playoffs. The tension was brought to an all time high when the faced their bitter rivals, The Cedar Hill Longhorns. It was October 23, a Thursday. The day that would not only decide a playoff position, but also add another chapter to the long running rivalry. The game was well fought on both sides. The Longhorns put up the first touchdown, then the Eagles, the game went back and forth for a long while with no clear winner popping up. Then, towards the end of the game, after putting up 42 points, the Longhorns began to shift gears and the pressure clipped the Eagle’s of their flight. Touchdown after touchdown The Longhorns secured a lead, and wouldn’t let it go. The Eagles put up a fight to the finish, but ultimately were unable to take the victory. The game ended 65-42.

After the defeat, The Eagles could’ve given up, they could’ve lost all hope after losing one important game. They could’ve broken down and threw off the entire remainder of their season, but they didn’t. They went back to the drawing board, kept their heads high, and proved that after being shot down from glorious flight, a great team can recover. They were no longer cocky and went on to sweep the rest of the teams they were up against. Midloathian was taken down 41-7, Duncanville was stopped with 69-20, they even went to the playoffs and defeated Coppell 51-35.
The Eagle’s season ended with a loss to Allen, in a game that had no clear winner until the final seconds. Both teams fought hard, and fought till the end. The final score was 22-25. The Eagles ended the season on a high note, having earned titles and broke records, they look towards the future.