Eleven Overrated Mother Day Gifts

Eleven Overrated Mother Day Gifts

Danielle Delley, Online Editor


For nine long months a very special woman carried you in her stomach, going through all types of weird cravings and mood swings. She gave you shelter, food, water, and love, and on May 10th you’re expected to give her a gift that shows your appreciation. Over the years you’ve probably given her gifts “from the heart” which probably included a sappy three-lined poem or a very badly drawn picture of the two of you. Well this year, to avoid your mother having to fake a smile and take up valuable space on the fridge for what you consider “a work of art” it’s advised you take a look at this list of overrated gifts first.

  1. A card you got from the dollar store the day before.


There’s nothing more cliché than realizing tomorrow is Mother’s Day and running to the store and grabbing the cheapest card you can find and handing it to your mom. No matter what you put inside, unless it’s $50 dollars, then it’s pretty much pathetic.

  1. Coupons Screen-Shot-2014-04-30-at-12.39.30-PM

It was cute when you were little, but now it’s just an overrated way of saying you were too lazy to raise money to buy her a gift.

  1. Badly Drawn Artimages-1

Your mom probably has a collection of all of your badly drawn art, and I’m sure she’d much rather prefer cologne or an MK purse than a doodle you made in five minutes with a crayon you found in the junk drawer.

  1. A picture of youimages-2

She sees you everyday. Unless your mom lives a thousand miles away, it’s kind of arrogant of you to give her a gift of yourself on a day you’re supposed to celebrate her.

  1. A single flower1286508_76192678

A bouquet of flowers is overrated, a single flower is just plain sad. If you are going to get flowers, get more than one, and make sure their her favorite flowers.

  1. A mini box of chocolatesprestat-mini-heart-shaped-chocolate-box

Chocolates have been over done to the extreme, so if you’re going to get chocolates make then the 27 pc and top it off with a stuffed animal or an extra-large card.

  1. A grandchild (if you’re under the age of 17)black_baby_girl

This may not be overrated, but it is a really bad gift.

  1. Breakfast in bed (if you cannot cook)

Breakfast in bed is sweet at times, but if you can’t cook then just leave the stove to the professionals.

  1. Cheap dollar store perfume (or any other hygiene products)perfume_clip_art-2

It’s like buying your mom cheap jewelry, you shouldn’t do it. Plus it smells awful.

  1. Hugs & Kisses

You can hug and kiss her everyday, you should hug and kiss her everyday. Therefore this is not a gift. This is just your way of telling her you completely forgot about it and you couldn’t even be bothered to draw a silly picture of three-lined poem. That’s how sad this is.

  1. Cleaning suppliesCleaning-Supplies-300x198

This is borderline offensive. You’d be better off with nothing at all then bringing this home. Unless she asks for it, don’t even think about it.


Your mom deserves a present as special as she is! Cliche gifts and finger paintings aren’t a good representation of your love! Gifts don’t have to be overly expensive, but think outside the box. You should give her something that’ll make her smile (or cry)!