Angel Deleon

Does bullying really sound fun to you? Did you know that there’s at least one kid at you school that is being bullied? You wouldn’t know because kids who are bullied keep themselves in the shadows. Bullying brings down self esteem for those who are victims of the taunting and teasing. Treating someone in a mean way is the same as bullying. You can make these kids feel horrible about them selves and it can lead to suicide or deep depression.

Physical bullying isn’t the only kind of bullying. There’s also cyber bullying which is a way to hurt someone on social media or over any kind of device. Sending a hurtful and mean text message to someone is part of cyber bullying. If you really didn’t know the people you bully take it very serious and it affects their life in a way.

Bullying often starts at a very young age and if not taken care of can result to a foul behavior in the future. Also if not taken care of at a teenage age can result to violence at an adult age.

So the next time you think about picking on someone, stop and think of how they might feel or how it might affect their life. Don’t be a bully, be a friend.