Farewell Class of 2015

Sydney Salmon, Newspaper Editor

It’s been a long run since freshman year. Since the first time you walked through a high school to the time you got your schedule; everything appeared new. You probably met with old friends and new ones. You may have met that one teacher, who understood you and made sure you did well. You might have found the best club or academy for you.


However, As soon as those first days became weeks, it may have struck you that you wouldn’t be here forever. Those hallways became your everyday; the same old intersection to that secret stairway.  That same route to your favorite classroom is now behind you, because time moves so quickly. Your friends may be sitting somewhere in that jungle called a cafeteria and you can’t find them. You can’t really talk to your teachers because their busy. Classwork is coming from all directions and procrastination is no help. It’s now the end of the semester and you’ve found yourself rethinking things. Your options were either too far or too close, but you knew you could find a way to get to where you wanted to be. It’s nothing different from the time you finished that one project the day before the due date; the time you got a whole bunch of work ready for your teacher the day before grades went in; even the time you stayed after school just to get extra points for that one class. All this time you’ve been getting ready for the real rush.


As you walk up that stage, think of a word that shows the change in the days from now on.Once you get that word, apply it to this moment and all the others that compare to it.