Vicky Yeung’s State Winning Art Piece


Mikee Golingo, Staff Member

IMG_0123Vicky Yeung has been the first student from Desoto High School to advance to state in the VASE art competition; she qualified for state for two consecutive years, her junior and senior year. Both state-worthy pieces were scratchboards, the type of art not totally common in VASE.

The state-winning piece was inspired by the culture of New Orleans and the views and sights in the area. She decided to precisely scratch an image of a mask for her winning piece.

“After visiting New Orleans, I liked the environment, so doing a mask from my own experiences inspired my piece.”

Since she did not place at state for her junior year, she came into senior year prepared.

“I knew exactly what to do, making sure every part of my piece was quality, since I’ve already experienced state before,” Yeung, senior, said.

The wait for results wasn’t overly nerve wrecking since she has a lot of extracurricular activities on her plate. At the time of state for art, she did not attend to present her piece.

“I also participate in Academic UIL, and the regional competition for that fell on the same day.”

Because both competitions were on the same day, she went to compete in the Literary Criticism competition for Academic UIL.

At the end of it all, as a senior, she is leaving behind a load of accomplishments from high school. She is prepared for what is next.

“I’m just ready to graduate at this point,” Yeung, senior, said.