Back to School: Studying In Style

Back to School: Studying In Style

Jawan Douglas, Staff Member

Back to school, the time when every student expects to make a change in their life throughout each grade level, fashion-wise as well as social-wise. When it comes to the fashion and social worlds, you can say that they are intertwined with one another. School fashion is all about trending yourself with how you want to be perceived: a geeky-chic nerd, an athlete, a free-spirit, or even someone that is conscious towards the environment. From freshmen, all the way to becoming seniors, it’s best to  change your style based on the cliques you join, and the career you plan on having. So, for some of you that are nervous about what to wear for your first day back to school, I believe I can help.



Now, freshmen students are known to undergo the first step to recognizing their own style before high school, so it’s normal for you to be experimenting with fashion trends during this time. For freshmen, fashion trends are based on your character and how you want to be perceived. For example, if you’re the type to be hardcore and edgy, then my tip for you is to dress in streetwear. Streetwear Fashion is known to show the characteristics of intensity, punk, rebel, fearless, etc., and the clothes that cohere with it would be camouflage jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, and even bolero jackets. For the student that likes to “upgrade” and sync with their modern tech, try a trend that involves light, neon colors, rad designs, and even, tech accessories.

Basically, freshmen year, fashion-wise, is all about finding your true self, as well as your own style. It’s the beginning of many trendsetters, designers, and fashion forecasters.



Now that you made it to your sophomore year, you’ve somewhat grasped a concept of your own style. Some sophomore students like to go all out, but at the same time, they like to have subtle style. These styles reflect their personality, along with their trend/clique. Like for the athletes that love to shop at Macy’s, JCPenney’s, or even Kohls for activewear, the best brands would be PUMA, Nike, Under Armour, Jordan and Adidas for the best gear and sports clothing. The best stores to go to get the best dresses and other styles & assorted attire would be K&G Men’s Store, Papaya, H&M, Rue21 etc., Old Navy, etc. It’s best to mix and match the store’s styles so that you can always look trendy on-the-go, as well as keeping up-to-date on the latest fashions. The main thing for sophomore students concerned on fashion is to keep up on what’s new, or at least make something that could be new.


Juniors & Seniors:

Now, juniors and seniors, are the final steps in knowing your true style, is the time of when you brush up on the latest trends that inspire you to be yourself. At this time, a lot would wear something that’s comfortable, and also….. something mature. Like in my Polyvore post “Back2School (Male Leaders), I placed in some looks that gives the modern man some sophistication, along with a touch of modern edge. Most college boys like to represent their college by wearing their school colors, or by wearing their “trophies” (i.e. letterman jackets, club-sponsored attire, etc.). College girls like to wear outfits that cause heads to turn their way, as well as trends that bring about flair and modern chic.
Based on my findings about every trend and/or fashion statements found in middle/high school, and college, it’s very clear that various generations are inspired to express not only their true selves, but also trying to reflect their selves upon those around them. Fashion is a great way for people to know truly who they are, and how their true selves are reflected in their fashion trends. I, along with my friends, classmates, acquaintances, etc., show off our true selves by wearing what feels like us!