Student of the Week: Malyk Jefferson


Malyk Jefferson is an eighteen-year-old senior born in Little Rock, Arkansas. He moved to a foster care in Michigan when he was younger and lived there until his aunt adopted him and he moved in with her. His three cousins became like siblings to him and his sister, and his aunt became a mother to him. He went from Mansfield to Arlington, and then eventually moved in 6th grade. Since then he’s been living here, where he made a close-knit group of friends. Growing up he dreamed of being a professional basketball player, but when he didn’t make the school’s basketball team he gave up on his dream. He played on a team outside of school for a while, but now he just plays for fun. He also enjoys playing baseball as well.

During the end of his Junior year he signed up for a program called ’18 Month Senior’, which is when you enlist in the military early. Since you enlist early by the time your senior year comes you’ll know what you’re doing after high school and where you’re going. Once he graduates he’ll be sent off to basic training.

“I’m not ready for the gas chamber, I think that’s going to be hard,” Jefferson says.

The gas chamber is when they put you in this area and they tear gas you, and you have to breathe it in. Everyone who joins the army has to go through it. Jefferson chose the army though, because his mom and his recruiter told him all the benefits that came from that branch versus other branches. His initial reason for joining is because they pay for you to go to college, and he plans on doing four years. However, if he really likes it then he’ll make it a career.

Jefferson took the ASVAB test and his score was high enough for him to become an aviation specialist, which is what he wants to be. Aviation specialists help operate aircrafts and make sure they’re running okay. Ever since his Junior year he’s been interested in building stuff, and he really liked the idea of building on planes.

As long as Jefferson keeps his grades up and stays out of trouble once he walks across that he’ll be off to basic training to become a ranked solider. Until then he’s enjoying his senior year working at schlotzsky and hanging with his friends.