Homecoming Hits Jackpot


Sydney Salmon and Jada Temple

This week students gets to throw their uniforms off and put their best costumes on. We had a variety of Cowboys, 90’s fashion, school spirit shirts, and more this week. From seniors to freshmen, lots of people showed their school pride in the best way as possible.

“I couldn’t wait for homecoming week! I finally get to wear something other than khaki,” Senior, Tyra Temple said.

On Monday was Jersey day. That meant that any student is encouraged to wear a football jersey of any choice team. We saw abundance about of teachers, staff, and students wearing jersey, mainly Dallas Cowboys that is America’s favorite team.

Tuesday was Cowboy day. Lots of people dug through their closet and found their best cowboys hat and cowboy boots. They mosey on down to school to show off their best cowboy costume. We meet with one of the participating students, GG, who’s a senior and we wanted to her opinion. “I like it! I had some cowboy boots that I’ve never worn because I’ve never had anything to wear it too, but today I do,” GG said.

Camouflage couldn’t hide the excitement of the parade. The parade had floats from each elementary school, most themed casino. Pep squads from each middle school pranced down Eagle Drive, as well as, their upperclassmen; from Color guards and Dance teams to Cheerleaders, Eaglettes, and Majorettes. Organizations within the community were apart, even the high schools clubs and arts were, such as ROTC. “They say that in the army, the pay is mighty fine”, Joseph, platoon sergeant said. Beside the arts, the football teams, both JV and varsity, rode along.

Wednesday was Spirit day. Students were emboldened to wear their spirit shirt, which were divided, by grade level. Seniors wore black. Juniors wore white. Sophomores wore yellow, and freshmen wore grey.  Kids from different grade levels participated in the event. The parade ended at the stadium, where the choir greeted us with a song. Once they were done, the Eaglettes came striding in. Majorettes then followed after their baton less sisters and twirled to Beyoncé. Once those fierce ladies walked off, yet another group of empowered women paced onto the field, The Dance Team. The Freshman Dance Team came after their upperclassmen and moved as to show their worth to their squad. The audience was then introduced to the spirit of the cheerleaders. If that wasn’t enough pep, the booster club came to show their eagle pride while hitting the quan a dance.  In the end, the courts were announced. The royals of the junior class were Princess La Tijana Williams and Prince Cameron Carson. The highest regents of them all were the seniors King Terrion Spivey and Queen Jada Burst.

Thursday was probably the most anticipated day of all. It was 90’s day. Kids pulled out their parent’s old overalls, bucket hats, and jewelry and paraded around school looking amazing. We saw lots of kids in the overalls, which were common in the 90’s, and we also saw kids sporting choker, which is a most 90’s essential if you want to complete the look.   We caught up with sophomore, Yasmine, and she gave us the inside on her 90’s vibing outfit. Yasmine wore baggy plaid shirt with baggy black pants, which took you to the whole Nirvana era. Her outfit was “Really cool!”

Last but definitely not least. Friday! Friday was just a chill day when students wore their spirit shirt with jeans. Definitely a good idea to end the week on a relaxing note. Students were also stoked for the pep rally that was held later on in the day. I guess you could say we had an eagletastic week! Spirit Friday couldn’t end in just a regular school day. Of course, a pep rally had to happen to get fans pumped for the game against Grand Prairie’s Gophers. This year, the pep rally was held on the field. Giving the audience, the best view of Alexis O, and a member of the accapella choir, who sang the national anthem. After that commending song, the eaglettes arrived showing off their green and gold. The cheerleaders then showed yet another example of school spirit. The freshman dance team even showed their stances. The song dedicated to DeSoto was then sung by one of our honorary students accompanied by his classmates. The majorettes were then given the chance to twirl after that great performance. Just to leave the audience with a fun vibe two students started hitting the quan and were then accompanied by Coach Go’s daughter when Stilento’s Watch Me started playing.


Celebrating the Eagles victory against the Gophers, 60 to 3, students attended the Homecoming Dance. This Casino, the theme, filled with semi-formal young men and women was quiet. However, through “family reunion songs”, partygoers wobbled and k-wanged with it on the dance floor. Throughout those four hours, people took portraits and danced to rhythm of the music.