Insight on Our Foreign Guest


Jairo Ruiz and Jasmine Cruz

Our Foreign exchange students have the most difficult time having to adjust to a new home, new culture, new schools and a entirely different life style. Our foreign visitors give up time with their friends and family to meet new people and have new experiences in a new country. They struggle with having to make adjustments in a new land that they were just dropped in. If the people here can learn to accept new people and their customs, then our guest will surely make memories for a lifetime.

Henning Hans came from Frankfurt, Germany as a sophomore in our exchange student program. He came to the U.S. in hopes of learning of a new culture and to get more experience, one of his first impressions of America was that things here are a lot bigger than they are back in Germany.  The whole change has been different but not difficult from what he says, “School is different here, we don’t have dress code back at my school we don’t have school teams and there’s more emphasis here on sports and other classes than back home.”  Germany is solely on education and the teachers over there are cooler than the ones here, they don’t have health, business, or theater instead, they have more educational subjects.What he misses about his home country would have to be his friends even though he is making some new ones in America.

Carlos santos is another one of our foreign exchange and he came from  Brazil, he is very similar to Henning he also agrees that the school system here in the united states is very different in the fact that there are more extra circular activities and things like sports are at school. Carlos in fact didn’t have trouble adjusting to entirely new people he even said that “I’ve been in the united states ten times before” so he had some idea of what the culture and the people were like here. Carlos does miss many things from back home such as his friends; he stays in contact with them and constantly communicates with them. Carlos agrees that brazil was affected by the effects of the olympics and world cup but gladly the small town he’s from wasn’t affected. Carlos does admit that he has trouble with having to speak english all the time, he even admitted to putting Portuguese in some of his sentences when he speaks.He, just like many others, came to our country for a once in a life time opportunity and he will surely make memories that he will never forget.