Paper Towns Book/Movie Review

Paper Towns Book/Movie Review

   You will go to papertowns and you will never come back.


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Paper Towns

Writer: Jada Temple


Everyone has probably heard of by now the sensational fiction writer, John Green. John Green has written award winning and notable pieces including: Looking for Alaska, which was his first published book and also the worldwide known book, The Fault in Our Stars.


John Green has racked up a staggering amount of followers over the years. He first gain of worldwide success was in 2012 when he released the smash hit  The Fault in Our Stars. Fans all over the national fell hopelessly in love with the quirky and vibrant, Hazel Grace and mysterious and charming, Augustus Waters. The book was such a success it was made into a movie in 2014 which made millions and won awards.” Say what you will about the faults in Fault. It gets to you,” Rolling Stones writer, Peter Travers said.


Fans loved the book and adaptation so much that they begged for another one, but this time they wanted the adaptation that they’ve been begging for since the release of the book in 2008. If you haven’t guessed by now or read the title, it’s Paper Towns.  


If you haven’t read the coming of age book already then go do so! It’s been out on the shelves for seven years. The story is about the shy and love struck boy, Quentin, who’s had a crush on his beautiful and carefree longtime neighbor Margo Roth Spiegelman. But one faithful night, Margo and Quentin have the night of their lives dedicating the whole evening doing things on Margo’s list that involves breaking and entering ex-lovers houses to late night shopping at Publix.. But things make a full 360 when Margo is missing the following day.  Quentin is so determined to find his crush that he’s willing to miss graduation and drive from Florida to New York in just little time. So he and his two best friends, Radar and Ben along with Margo’s friend Lacey packs into Quentin’s minivan and head to find the love of his life.


Now I could spend all day explaining why the book is such a masterpiece, but it’s time to dive into the movie.


In the movie Quentin was played by actor, Nat Wolf and Margo was played by the beautiful blonde model, Cara Delevingne. Anyone who read the book would have known that some parts were added and some parts weren’t.


Lets start from the night when Margo and Quentin went on their nightly adventure around Orlando. In the book, they broke into Sea World, which is the only theme park Margo was never been to, which is also when she gets bitten by a snake and Quentin attempts to suck the poison out of her. In the movie, Margo and Quentin didn’t go to Sea World due to the theme park real life negative attention  dealing with animal abuse and such.


The biggest and first change that I saw was the road trip. In the book like I stated earlier, Quentin, Radar, Ben, and Lacey went on the road trip leaving Angela, Radar’s girlfriend behind and upset.  However in the movie Angela tags along with the gang to find Margo. Also in the same part Ben and Radar both get Confederate flag t-shirts from an acident spill, but in the movie it clearly shows only Ben buying the shirt instead of both, probably due to racial and horrible history the flag has and people couldn’t get over the fact that Radar, a black teen boy, would be wearing it during the movie..


Lastly, the prom scene. Quentin made it very clear in the book how he felt about parties. He didn’t attend prom becuase: a) he was still on the search for Margo, and b) he just didn’t want to go. It didn’t exactly happen like that in the movie. During the movie Quentin goes to prom and have the time of his life dancing which was hard to believe if you’ve read the book. At the end of the movie, he heads home to Orlando on a bus and goes to prom. However in the book he and Margo finally kiss and part their separate ways and the story ends at that.


Both the book and adaptation was amazing and John Green did an fantastic as well so did the director, Josh Boone . I recommend reading the book on a lazy day when you’re just lounging in your room or watching the movie with your bestfriend on Saturday after a fun day of shopping.

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