Jada Temple, Staff Member


The box office hit that released on the fourteenth of August, was based off the hit rap group N.W.A.  Controversy soon followed behind the movie and rap group. N.W.A is infamously known for rapping about the hardship and cruel reality with being black America along degrading black women and causing destruction. One destruction led to the L.A Riot in the early 90’s. Lots of people were very skeptical about watching the movie because the group supports degrading women, rape, and violence. But for the most part lots of people pushed the negativity behind and watched the movie despite of their horrible history. Some critics rate it a whole five stars. While some rated it garbage due to the horrible past of the men which involve raping a 14 year old girl, calling women out of their name, and promoting violence.


Even though the movie is somewhat arguably good, it had major “no no”. One thing the movie left out was Dr.Dre long history abusing women. It is not secret that Dr. Dre purposely tried to erased his vile  background and tried to make himself seem like the good guy during the movie. Dee Burns spoke out on the incident she had with the Compton born and raised rapper. She admitted a secret that has been kept for nearly 20 years. By her admitting that Dr. Dre has put his hands on her several times, he was forced to publicly apologized recently. “I apologize to the women I’ve hurt,” Dre said. “I deeply regret what I did and know that it has forever impacted all of our lives.”  


In my opinion I don’t think it was very sincere. Dee Barnes also seems to agree with me in a recent interview she spoke out at the apology saying, “I don’t really think it’s a sincere apology,”. He abused her over 20 years ago. Why say sorry now? Because he knew by keeping silence he would ruin his brand and movie.


Ice cube real life son, O’shea Jackson, did an incredible job playing his father. I think O’shea would have been the only one to be able to pull the roll off just by looks and personality. Ice cube wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to play him then his own flesh and blood. He played his father with honor which I’d admire the most. Even though Ice cube took part in the horrible things the group did, he also stood up for what he believed was right. He fought against police brutality which was at it peak when the viral video of Rodney King was filmed being beaten by the LAPD.“We had the influx of gang banging, crack cocaine was new in the 80s,” Ice Cube said recently with an interview for ABC.”Daryl Gates, who was our police chief, had considered a war on gangs, which was really a war on young black youth that looked like gang members, so it was pretty hard.”



MC Ren and Dj Yella are probably characters you already forgotten by now. They played a tremendous role in the group and movie, even though they didn’t get as much screen time as the others. Back then and even now the two are still overlooked in the group, but that doesn’t mean that they should be forgotten. The characters looked and played the roles well, which is why I give them an A+.


Last of the group, but certainly not least, Eazy – E. Jason Mitchell, played the notorious rapper in the movie. He had the looks down pact which I give him two thumbs up for.  Born in and raised in Compton, California, Eric Wright (Eazy-E), had an ambitious mind to make it out of the ‘hood’ and to become successful legally. Hip-hop was flourishing during the late 80’s and early 90’s and Eazy saw it as a way out.



If you’re a hip-hop-junkie who has been waiting for forever for the release of this bio-pic then I would probably recommend you to go see it, you’ll might enjoy it. But if a firm believer in equality and justice, I wouldn’t recommend the film for obvious reasons.


I have to give the director, F. Gary Grey, credit for mastering almost every major detail in N.W.A rise and fall. As a bio-pic, the movie was great. Does it touch which with current issue like police brutality? Yes, yes it does. Does it shows black women in a negative light? Yes, yes it does.  Straight Outta Compton is like any movie, it’s going to have some pro’s and cons.


Overall the movie as a whole is well produced, outstanding acting in portraying N.W. A, and was enjoyable movie