Help or Withhold…

Nia Mosley, Staff Member

It’s a New School Year, and with a new year comes change. As everyone may know staff and Administrators have decided to make a few changes. Not only are simple policies being changed, but there will no longer be a freshman campus, which means freshmen are no longer restricted to the freshman campus.

“I don’t notice much, just a lot of little kids,” Jazmyn Charles, Senior said.

The seniors were introduced to the new policies on the third day of the first week of school at the senior class meeting. The Assistant principal Mr. Barnes discussed how the rules were being tweaked. For example, we’re no longer allowed to stay after school 30 minutes after the dismissal bell. The enforcements on dress code have gotten even stricter; last year sometimes boys could get away with wear piercings, this year they cannot. There have also been some big changes, such as assigned cafeterias for specific classrooms or hallways. There were many negative responses to this specific adjustment.

“I think they are very unnecessary and too strict. We are supposed to be young adults, but [we] aren’t allowed to make our own decisions on where we want to eat,” Charles said.

Several students have questioned how this new Cafeteria rule is preparing us for life, or what lesson this is teaching the students.

“They are too strict about where we eat.” Mia Shaw, Senior, said, “I think we should have freedom about where we should eat, because we already have to eat the nasty food.”

We have about 3200 students in the entire school. The job of the administrators is to make sure that lunches are leveled so that the cafeterias will not be overcrowded; leading to people eating in restrooms, or standing up eating.

“If I had to stand up and eat and people saw me eating, and didn’t invite me to come sit with them, I would feel kind of left out,” Malyk Jefferson, Senior, said.

There was recently a ‘Student Dress Code Survey’ put onto the Desoto ISD website. There are nine questions, which are entirely multiple choice giving the limited option to ‘make your pick’. Ms. Dent, senior sponsor at The Senior Parent meeting revealed this survey, explaining how effective this could be in future attempts to reduce the severity of uniforms.

Dr. Barnes the assistant principal repeatedly stressed how the goal for Class of 2016 is to graduate. Some students are already under pressure to graduate and they feel the uniform procedures only add additional stress.

“The main focus is to graduate. I wanted to express my individuality, I just wonder how my earrings were going to be the dictator of whether or not I graduate.” Jefferson said.  

Since the school year first started dress code, reinforcements have only gotten more severe. Administrators are now going throughout classrooms removing any student who is out of dress code. They feel students should be up to date with the rules that they have constantly pried into our heads for two weeks. Every time a student is put into ISS, or sent home to change, the parents and the students are both upset. For the 12th graders, it’s their last year; unless a student plans on failing. In all honesty, seniors are just trying to make sure that they are receiving all of their credits In order to walk the stage June 3rd.