Teacher Of the Month: Mrs. Cason


Jawan Douglas and Nia Mosley

Mrs. Cason, teacher, DHS Alumni, Psychology/Development & Family major, but most of all, she’s a part of the Eagle Family. Mrs. Cason is an outstanding young woman with a warming heart, and a clear understanding on how children, family, and even peers should be treated. She graduated from DeSoto High School in the year of 2000, advancing on to later enrolling in Baylor University, and UNT later. At Baylor U, she graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and minor degree in Family Studies in ‘04. In ‘06, she graduated from UNT with a Masters of Science in Development & Family Studies. (place quote here)


Pursuing her goal of helping others, she worked for Child Protective Services in Denton County. For those that are unaware are the duties of CPS employees, they answer to calls of acclaimed abuse and/or neglect within the homes of children of ages up to 18. Also, they provide service to children and families in their homes. If in such case that they see the parent(s) being unfit to care for the child (ren), they will relinquish that parent’s custody and care for the child to a foster care home, or adoptive homes. “Working there was rough for me, seeing children like that… It just put you in that place of thought, you know? Each kid of this generation represents the future of their parents’ legacies, so I felt that I had to work harder than ever to help any or all children,” said Mrs. Cason.


Mrs. Cason also worked at a child psychiatric unit, assisting with children with “broken” minds. They help mend the cerebrum by fixing the cause of the child, one step at a time. Over time, Mrs. Cason decided to teach all she knows about child, as well as family, development and safety by coming back to her Alma Mater, teaching students who plan to follow a similar career path as Mrs. Cason. Not only that, she is also the advisor for the P.A.L. society. P.A.L. contains a group of students whose goal is to encourage peers to treat one another with love and respect. Because of this organization, peer pressure & bullying have decreased dramatically within our school. “I do my job, and more even, to not be noticed. I mean, it’s good to be noticed, but I only do it because it’s my job as an educator. I have to mend the minds of future caretakers,” inclined Mrs. Cason.
Students think of Mrs. Cason as a remarkable, patient, and encouraging teacher. Students who haven’t had her as a teacher find her as being a kind woman to go to whenever you feel down. “She’s better than the counselors, even,” said Class of 2017 Junior, Monica Owens. To me, she’s someone who never wants to see a child without a bright smile on his or her face. She always sets the sun over the dark clouds of saddened students. Mrs. Cason, a woman of a heart so warm and inviting, represents a mother figure here at the school. We couldn’t have a better teacher that sets as an example of forming a true bond between any or all students. “I’m always in the middle of the hallway, like literally, just checking for dress code, but I also like to help whenever I see a student sad or distressed,” Mrs. Cason said.