Top 10 Signs of Domestic Abuse


Domestic Abuse, Staff Writer

Domestic Violence is a stigma that has no preference for victims, whether you’re female, male; white, black, Hispanic; Christian, Muslim, Jewish. Domestic violence has no excuse. None. Noticing and acknowledging the signs of an abusive relationship is the first step to ending it.

  1. Jealousy-

Abuser will compare jealousy with love. Will frequently call the victim, drop by unannounced, refuse to let victim work, or keep continuous tabs of the victim.

  1. Quick Involvement-

The victim will only know or have dated the abuser for a brief period of time before either living together or getting engaged. Abuser will often pressure victim to commit to the relationship and make them feel guilty for wanting space or taking things slow.

  1. Controlling Behavior-

Abuser will attribute controlling behavior for the victim (ex. :the victim’s safety or decision-making skills) As this behavior progresses it will worsen and abuser may assume control over victim’s life. 

  1. cycle_of_abuseIsolation-

Abuser will attempt to isolate the victim from friends and/or family, severing their ties to outside support, accusing them of being a “bad influence for you”. May block victim’s access to work, telephone services, or a car.

  1. Hypersensitivity-

Abuser is easily insulted, even from the smallest of ‘attacks’ that feel personal such as jokes.

  1. Blames Others for Problems/Feelings-

Abuser will blame all problems on others, often using this to manipulate the victim. The abuser may say that someone is out to get him. When accusing the victim, they will often say things like “You’re hurting me by not doing what I want.” “You control how I feel.” and other things like that.

  1. Playful use of force-

Behavior will include restraining the victim against their will, act out fantasies in which partner is helpless, initiate when partner is unconscious, demand relations. Abuser will show little to no concern to partner’s wishes and manipulate them emotionally to get it done.

  1. Verbal abuse-

Abuser will degrade the victim, put them down when they accomplish a deed, make the victim(primarily female) feel inferior, and make them feel responsible for menial tasks and unable to feel like whole without the relationship.

  1. Threats of Violence-

Will physically threaten victim with abuse in means to control them and will excuse this behavior with “everyone talks like that.” Will often terrorize victim with breaking objects.

  1. Any Force During an Argument-

Abuser may hold down victim during arguments, physically restrain them from leaving, or pushing/shoving them. Use demands such as “You will listen to me!” as a show of force.