Donte’ Jones, Editor-in-chief

The Business Professionals of America had their first induction meeting for new members. Classmen from all grades came together to know one another and to get an early enrichment into the business and technology world.

“The goal for BPA is to get people into a early introduction into the world of business and community service,” Daniel Lopez, senior, said.

All new members are called padawans a star wars reference and the new members introduce themselves. They also compete in competitions for awards and prizes. Its adviser is Branton Robinson.

It helps people become more responsible with leadership skills and communication skills. Daniel who is the president of BPA had been in BPA since freshman year and Matthew Dean who’d been in BPA since sophomore year.
“It helps you become a more responsible adult.” Daniel said.

What motivated both Daniel and Matthew to join were friends. “It was great and a bit difficult meeting with friends for me, but they help me expand my knowledge on what I already knew.” Matthew said.

Daniel does animation and Graphic design with Matthew. Daniel is also in the Art Honor Society and trying to start a gaming club with Matthews help

“I definitely recommend BPA to anybody,” said Daniel. “Were all fun and great people and I’m not just saying that because I’m the president.” said Daniel. “If you want to further your skills in engineering, technology or in business and competition join it, because we also mentor the underclassmen.” Matthew said.