Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus

Haley Arispe, Staff Memeber

If you are looking for a fright I would definitely recommend Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus located at 2602 Mayfield Rd, Grand Prairie. Your curiosity will be sparked in this mysterious tent filled with wonders you could only ever imagine. Clowns and freaks from all over come together and roam these haunted grounds. Winding paths, creepy clowns, and a fate of two brothers is what started it all.

A tale of two twisted brothers traveling with this circus as clowns gathering misfits and freaks to join their horror show is what started it all. Strangling Brothers is not the average circus it features fog rooms, clowns, animatronics, winding hallways, flashing lights and horror that you would only see in a nightmare. This freak show comes around yearly so don’t miss it.