Metal Gear

Donte' Jones

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes came out last year and was the first part of the metal gear solid five games. If you don’t know what metal gear is it’s a stealth tactical espionage game that’s roots started out on the NES. Famous video game designer Hideo Kojima created it, and now it’s a major part of the video game world. Ground Zeroes was the first part of something big, which later became The Phantom Pain.metal-gear-solid-5-the-phantom-pain

The Phantom pain takes place 9 years after ground zeroes. It starts with the main character Big Boss waking up from a coma and suddenly under attack by enemy forces. The game has come out for next gen and last gen consoles and unfortunately it is Kojima’s last metal gear game because the video game company Konami fired him.

The game is an open world game that takes place mainly in Afghanistan and Zanzibar. In open world games the player has the freedom to explore, find and enjoy whatever they want. The gameplay is heavy on stealth but you don’t have to go the stealth root the entire game, you can rush into enemy territory and just go crazy with you weapons and equipment. The gameplay and mechanics have you collecting and building a base called outer heaven where you build up certain departments and bring back enemy soldiers and turn them to your side they can help you get more weapons and do new things that can aid you through the game. Like for example if you are trying to interrogate and enemy and he speaks a different language you’ll need someone who can translate. You can devote more than 100 plus hours doing side missions that diverge from the story. Since this is a review I will not spoil any parts of the main story.

The graphics in this game are really detailed and beautiful especially on play station four and three, from the grass to the skies. This game uses Fox Engine and it really makes the world pop even the details on Big Boss’s beard looks amazing. I did a lot of exploring with the horse and my dog in the game and what is really amazing is the fact that in the environment there are also weather conditions.
The story is really complicated and hard to understand unless you’ve played or understand the entire game series dating back to its NES days. If you enjoy games like Splinter cell, Call of duty ghosts, Dishonored or Mainly games that involve stealth, action and adventure you’ll enjoy Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. It gets 5 soaring eagles out of 5.