Ghost Town Album Review

Haley Arispe, Staff Member

Ghost Towns new album Evolution is now released to the public. This being the third studio album, the haunted youth (fans) expected a lot. Since Evan Pearce, the electronics maestro, left the band the haunted youth were very worried how this would affect their sound. Pearce had to leave due to undisclosed health reasons and wished the band would strive forward without him. The band attempted to change up their sound a bit with their new song Spark, but the remaining members quickly got back to the original sound of Ghost Town. The first songs released before the full album were Spark, Mean kids, Loner, and Out Alive. These new songs really captured the haunted youths attention since it came from the album without Pearce.
Now with only Kevin “Ghost” McCullough, Alix “Monster” Koochaki and Manny “Mannythedrummer” Dominick left the band is looking for a new sound. Even though they went back to their original sound the band is trying to expand on it. With Ghost Town becoming more popular by the day they hope their true fans will stay and support their new sound. Just as the album says they are evolving it’s an evolution of sounds.