Luminary Chambers: Student of the Week


Nia Mosley, Staff Member


By Nia Mosley

Friendly, Athletic, and Intelligent are common words that describe Senior Curdarence Chambers. Interviewing Chambers was very stimulating; he was filled with tons of energy and answered each question with lots of details. Chambers started off by telling his hobbies which include driving around and being adventurous, he then revealed all the places he’d actually been.


“I’ve been to pretty much all the places I’ve really wanted to go to as for as out of state or in state,” Chambers, said. “I’ve visited Chicago; it was a very nice city. I’ve been to Gary, Indiana; Denver, Colorado; Florida, Louisiana, and New Mexico. I’ve pretty much have been everywhere.”


He then talked about the places he’d like to go in the future.

“The next two places I plan to go to are the state of New York, specifically New York City, Times Square and that area. I would also like to go to California; Long Beach, and Sacramento,” Chambers said.

As a Pisces, Curdarence born March 8th is very sociable; he’s able to interact and just talk to anyone around the school, allowing him to be comfortable in most organizations.  He is in the Spanish Club and he speaks Spanish pretty fluently.


“It’s apart of the Spanish honor society,” Chambers said. “It is an organization of students who can speak Spanish. The people in it wanted to make sure it benefited them and helps in their life.”


During senior year of high school, college is pushed onto students. Teachers, Parents and Counselors stress that whatever you decide to do academically in high school can hurt or help you when applying for colleges. Curdarence plans on going to college but his specific choices are still “in the air”.


“LSU is my home and heart,” Chambers said. “I’m also exploring other options like Louisiana Tech, University of North Texas (UNT), University of Houston, and Southern Methodist University (SMU).”


Chambers is a big fan of math, so much as to so he plans on majoring in marketing or communications.


“I’m pretty well-rounded and very good with numbers and things dealing with number and equations. I’ve always been successful at that, Chambers said.”


He unveiled that he had two sisters but he was the baby of the family.


“I don’t want to say its boring, but having two older sisters majority of the time they’re going to be gone,” Chambers said. I’m always by myself, but it has its perks. It has its up’s and of course it’s going to have its downs. Overall it’s pretty good so far.


Being the amiable and positive natured student that he is Curdarence expressed his short and long term goals.


“A short term goal is to make sure I’m successful in everything I do and make sure I never quit anything I start. A long term goal is to make sure I have to never rely on my parents,” Chambers said.