Renovation And A New Situation


Chad Holiday, Co-Editor

Renovation And A New Situation


Libraries are one of the most important things to a school in this modern age. Most people go there to read, although in recent times, libraries are being used for much more than reading or surfing the internet. Some people go to the library simply to lounge and converse with peers, or even get a cup of coffee.


Many students rely on the library heavily, whether for a quiet place to read, or to get some work done. This time, the library needed to get some work done. On the first day of school, students were greeted with construction workers, gates and not a single warning. Most students had no idea that there was even some renovation being done.


“It was a surprise, but I’m hoping the construction gets us a better layout, maybe make things more aesthetic on the outside.” Junior Anthony Fincher said.


The old library had a fairly routine layout. There were computers on the right and in the center of the library. The various bookshelves were organized to the back, stocked with hundreds of books and genres from Mystery to Post-Apocalyptic to Romance. The new renovation will focus on much more modern furniture, as well as glass windows and rooms with movable tables to encourage small-group conferences.


The new library plans to enhance smaller working with much more space for groups and much more inviting feel. They plan to attract more students not only with the look, but also with newer innovations. The renovation was estimated to cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, as there are many new things to add. From computers to glass windows and frames to new rolling tables. Everything will be newer and more attractive to new students as well as returning ones.


“We’re actually going to convert to e-books. There will be an app and students can go and download books and read them anytime, anywhere. The system is also set up to tell you when the book is due and it will automatically return when that time comes.” Librarian Kim Trees said.



In addition to managing an ever-expanding library, Librarians have a multitude of duties they must accomplish day-to-day. They are in charge of ensuring the school has new, up to date and entertaining books from horror to romance to fiction. They also go around to all the different classes to inform and assist them whenever new technology hits the school. With the library expanding, there will also be a need for someone to maintain, regulate and update the new computers. That is all in addition to making sure the library itself is running and clean every day and making sure students don’t get out of hand.


The new library will definitely accommodate a much larger flow of students. There will always be a stream of people to come in to read or research, but now there will be a much larger stream of people coming in to do group work, or to use the computers, or simply to marvel at the new scenery.


“They’re going for a more university type of feel. If you go to a university, you’ll know that the library is a huge deal, people come and go all the time with all new things for students to play with and get work done. The glass doors and see through walls will help establish a new theme for the library. It also goes with the academy’s glass walls so it connects all around.” Trees said.




The trend is undoubtedly moving towards social interacting and ways for students to come in and relax, while also being a location for research and reading. The apps and downloads are a way to grab people in and attract more than just your everyday readers. There will still be five or six computers and even separate sections for people who want to work and people who want to lounge. There will also be smaller stations for smaller, collaborative areas. There’s even plans to have monitors for groups to plug their phones in and work together. A big thing that is being emphasized is collaboration. Groups will be able to come in and have an nice, work area to get things done and the other students who visit the library can do as they please.


“They’ve given us a mid January Grand Opening date, I’ve been in touch with the head guys over there and they say things are coming along on schedule.” Trees said.


The library is supposed to be finished by mid January, which would be helpful so that students could resume normal flow in and out of the library. It is unfortunate that the library could not be open for the fall semester, but if things go at their current rate, there will be a newer, better looking and more modern library for the spring semester, and the many years to come.