Blue Neighborhood Review

Blue Neighborhood Review

Dulce Arreola

Troye Sivan is a 19-year old South American born from Australia. Troye is widely known for his YouTube account, where he originally only sang until he began vlogging in 2012. In 2007 and 20012, he released two independent albums, “Dare to Dream” and “June Haverly” respectively. Last year on August 15, 2014 he released his EP “TRXYE” with record label EMI, and released his EP “WILD” this last September under the same record label.

The album came , which on the side has a three-part music video story consisting of singles WILD, FOOLS and TALK ME DOWN, came out December 4th and has 10 songs, the Deluxe version having  16, which include a remix by XXYYXX and features by Broods, Allday, Alex Hope and many other artists. His songs are consistent of lyrics that can be described as “sad yet romantic” are accompanied by soft, mellow tones that bring his stories to life. Rolling Stone Australia described the album as “charming”, while The Boston Globe called it “darkly seductive and riddled with coming-of-age anxiety.”

Troye, who came out as gay to his family in 2013, is not one to play around and hide his sexuality. In his three-part music video story he shows a story about two young boys, one who is played by him and the other by Matthew Erickson, who struggle with one’s homophobic father and learning to come to terms with their sexuality. Each video represents a different stage of both teens’ life as they grow into young adults.

The song HEAVEN goes in on how coming out and also dealing with the blow that he may not be accepted into heaven for it affected him. In this song, Troye talks about wanting to go to heaven, yet willing to give that up if it meant changing who he is. This song has a strong powerful message towards today’s youth saying that you can be yourself and yourself above all, even when it means that not everyone will accept you for you because your self-confidence is the key to your happiness.

Each song in Blue Neighborhood has its own unique emotion to it. While you may get bitter feelings from FOOLS, a song like For Him gives you  a little peek at what it’s like to be young, wild and full of love for someone. This album will give you such a big sense of self love and move your heart that it’s impossible to not like it. All in all, this album is highly recommendable.

“10/10, would recommend” – Desoto News Staff