Top 6 Most anticipated Games of 2016

Donte Jones, Editor-in-chief

6.Final Fantasy 15/Kingdom Hearts 3- Kingdom hearts and Final fantasy are both created by Square Enix and both have massive fan followings.

  1. Street Fighter V- the next chapter of Capcom’s hit fighting game franchise. Features returning characters, new comers, and its got day one DLC characters that are earnable through in-game requirements or through purchase.

4.The Legend Of Zelda: Wii U. This title is still a work in progress. And the Hero of Hyrule returns with a brand new design and the Hyrule kingdom is again in danger.
3.DOOM Remake- It’s an old popular computer game that was downloaded over 50 million times on player’s computers. It’s getting some of that next generation console love from Bethesda studios.
2.Uncharted 4 a thief’s end- the final chapter in naughty dogs play station exclusive. It foreshadows the end of the titular character or someone close to Nathan Drake.

  1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake- The game that brought JRPGS on the map in America is getting a full on remake with full CGI cut scenes. It’ll be slightly different from the original story but seeing the original characters with new designs excites us.