Desoto Has Heart!

DHS Students Share What they Got for Valentines Day


Jawan Douglas, Staff Writer

Ciara Clayborn received a stuffed dog, along with Bath & Body products from her best friend, Diamond Fulcher. “I want to thank my best friend, Diamond Fulcher, for this amazing gift. Happy Valentines Day to you!”

IMG_9735Jazzelle Johnson received a red teddy bear, along with a bouquet of roses from her boyfriend, Ezekiel. “My boyfriend, Ezekiel, gave this to me. I was, like, so surprised because I never expected this! Thank you, baby!”

IMG_9736IMG_9737Kenya Baker received two stuffed animals from her best friend, Ly’ Mya Gaston. “I’m glad that my best friend thought of me on Valentine’s Day. She’s truly a ride-or-die.”

IMG_9740Amy Castilo received a stuffed animal, two cases of chocolates, a chocolate rose, and sour gummy worms from her boyfriend, Cody. “I love the gifts. Cody, thank you for being my special someone on Valentine’s Day.”


Martha Fonseca (left) received a bouquet of roses from her boyfriend, Ken. “I love how he displayed his love to me in front of the school. Thank you, sweetheart.”

Alexandria DeJulian (center) received a bouquet of roses from her best friend, Jawan Douglas. “Even though we’re not a couple, he still cares for me in ways other people don’t. He checks on me and makes sure that I’m smiling everyday. I’m glad to have a friend like him.”

Alexis Johnson (right) received a stuffed animal from her boyfriend, Anthony Fincher. “Thank you, Anthony! I love the gifts. You have made my day!”