Color Me A Rainbow

The LGBT community speaks


Celeste Garcia

L     Eri: Whenever I came out to my dad I didn’t really understand what was happening I just told him “daddy I think I like girls”. At first he didn’t believe me he thought it was just a phase. I had to tell him three times that year for him to really understand that it was real and not just a phase. On the other hand when I came out to my friends I felt as though if they didn’t accept me then they weren’t my true friends. When it comes to people dissing the LGBT community and not accepting it, I personally don’t like it. I find it very disrespectful because I feel like if you don’t fully understand what it is and how we choose to live by it then you shouldn’t bad mouth it. Such as people calling females dikes and not really knowing the different labels that’s one-way people get offended in these situations. For the people who are struggling to “come out the closet” per say, just take your time. My dad forced me to go out with guys because he felt that I didn’t give them a chance, but I did. So don’t rush things because if you do you can get depressed on some type of level and that won’t help anything. With society accepting the LGBT community more and more I love that in the U.S same sex marriage is now legal. I like that it gives other people a chance to actually get married and have their families involved instead of having to go to another state just to get married and not having their families there. Even though this caused many people to voice that they don’t support it, I believe this was a big step to a better future. Many people that rose up against this change were against it for religious reasons and I hate that. I understand that’s how you were raised and that’s what you go off of but still, I don’t like that. When my pastor found out I liked females he treated me in a different way and not in a godly way. You really can’t choose who you like. My name is Eri, I am a junior and what am I? I am a lesbian.

G Cam: It’s not easy coming out. It’s always going to be hard in the beginning, when I came out to my family it was my sister who found out first and she took it pretty okay, my brother was the main one to comfort me and tell me it was going to be okay and that it’s my life to do what makes me happy. My other brother was the person who wasn’t so sure how to feel about it. The people I haven’t told are my mother and my grandmother simply by how they were raised and their religious beliefs.  My friends have been really supportive and they told me that they even had suspicions.

B    Alex: The reason I came out in middle school is because my girlfriend wanted me to tell my mom. Just in case it backfired I told her on April fool’s day so if it went wrong I could just be like ha-ha just kidding April fools! When I told her she was okay with it and hasn’t really talked to me about it since which I was happy that she supported me. Coming out to my friends was pretty easy because I had really good friends. When I told them most of them were like they already knew or they figured that. I understand that hate comes from a place of ignorance. I understand that we’re not at a time where that’s just something that everyone accepts. I don’t have a problem with people dissing the LGBT community honestly. I respect everybody’s opinion and I am willing to share my opinion with you, but I won’t sit there and shove my opinion down your throat, so if you don’t like it then I understand. For people trying to come out please take your time and come out when you’re ready. If you feel like you’re not what you thought you were such as you came out as gay and now you think you’re bisexual, don’t be afraid to change your mind because it’s still your life. Regarding the new same sex marriage law I particularly don’t have much of an opinion on it since I’m not at a point in my life where I can or want to get married. I am glad that people have that right I feel like it’s something that should have happened a long time ago. Some people just may not feel like legalizing same sex marriage was a good thing. It takes somebody to spark a movement so a lot of people can have opinions about things and that can just be your personal opinion, but until someone comes forward and voices their opinion and you feel like okay I’m not the only person that feels this way and you see other people doing that or supporting that cause then you’re going to want to speak up and share your voice as well. It takes a person to start something. Just like the people against the LGBT community for religious reasons I understand if that’s just what you grew up around and that’s all you know then that’s just how you’re going to feel and I feel like it’s my obligation to respect that. My name is Alex; I am a junior and a bisexual.

T   Crooks: Once I move out and get everything that I need to start my transition is when I’ll finally tell my mom, though she’ll probably be really mad with me. Most of my friend’s reactions were basically that they already knew or had a feeling that’s who I was. They reacted exactly how I thought they would proving that the friends I have are good ones. It doesn’t really upset me when people use pronouns like “she” or ‘he’ as long as they call me by the name I prefer then that’s okay, but it really upsets me when people choose to disrespect my request and call me out of my name. It isn’t until I actually fully transition that I’ll start expecting people to use “he” and “him”. I believe people need to open up their minds more because I know several Christians who are supportive of LGBT and they find it completely okay because it says in the bible “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. That god will be the final being to deliver the final judgment. If you’re against it I believe that it shouldn’t concern you. It’s not going to affect your life if I’m gay or lesbian or trans no matter the relationship. You’re on the sidelines of my life and if you don’t like it I don’t care because you aren’t me.  To those who are struggling you don’t have to force yourself out if you don’t think it’s the right time. You’re going to be on this earth for a long time which is plenty of time for you to gather up your courage, and if you want to tell your parents now that’s fine or even if you want to tell them later that’s okay too as long as it’s on your own terms then it’s okay don’t let anyone pressure you.. One night I discovered what transgender was and it hit me! THAT’S WHAT I AM. That’s me, and I felt so satisfied with myself and I was finally happy. My name is Crooks, I’m a senior and me? I’m transgender.IMG_8214