Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice:

The Movie We Have Always Wanted Or Sloppy Start To The DC Cinematic Universe?


Chad Holiday

So before we start this perfectly analyzed, really informative spoiler-less review, I just want to say let’s stop and look at the world we live in. We live in a world where movie studios have the ability, funding and fan support to put all of our favorite heroes on one screen at one time. Decades ago that couldn’t be accomplished, so give it up for that fact. However is having everyone on screen really a good thing?


Nowadays we fans want it all. We want our Avengers fighting Ultrons all at once, we want our X-Men fighting Apocalypses all at once, and naturally we want our Batmen fighting our Supermen all at once, but we also want our Justice League all at once. Studios have the job of trying to give us what we want, while also doing what’s best for branding, merchandising, and money. That’s where a lot of complications occur, and Batman V Superman decided to try and give us all of what we want, while also doing what’s best for their brand.


One thing we fans are extremely critical about is casting choices, so let’s get that out of the way. We all remember when Ben Affleck was announced to play Bats and the Internet raged. Well those of us who doubted him were flat out wrong. Affleck plays a gloomy, older and really hardcore Bat who fits perfectly with the much darker tone of this DC Cinematic Universe. Next up is Henry Cavill, who once again does a great job as Clark Kent/Superman. His portrayal hasn’t changed much since Man Of Steel, and that’s a good thing, cause he did a great job back then. Gal Gadot had a pretty hard fish to fry, being the first actress to play Wonder Woman on the big screen, and she does it well. She’s got the look, feel and talent to play The Amazonian Warrior perfectly. Jeremy Irons also does a surprising job as Alfred. Mind you now in previous Batman movies we saw more of Alfred, and in this movie it would’ve been easy to phone it in just so the audience can have someone for Bruce Wayne to talk to in a normal voice, but Irons does more than that. He portrays an Alfred who knows Bruce is in way over his head, and reminds him of his age and flaws often with a side of sophisticated sass that only Alfred can provide, buts it’s not preachy, its real. By this time Bruce is older that his deceased father ever was, and he has no kids, no loved ones, and a desire to fistfight an Alien who can be likened to a God. Naturally somebody has to let him know. Last but not least, we have the one that made us a rage maybe a bit more than Affleck as Bats- Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Now, once again without spoilers, I will say that the Lex this movie is going with is not the Kevin Spacey type of Lex and some people will not like that. However Eisenberg is not to be blamed. Eisenberg is an actor who was given a character and told to act. It’s the writers who decide to go with this type of Lex, and I’ll leave it at that, in fear of spoiling


Putting all of the fan desires and merchandising must-haves into one pot and mixing them all together was a bold choice. It was bold when the movie was first announced to not only feature The Caped Crusader and The Man Of Steel trading blows, but to also include Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor and more. From the get-go it was clear that this movie would be crowded. Director Zack Snyder, who has previously done visual spectacles such as 300 and Man Of Steel, knew this going in, and I feel like he did his best at doing his best, which is visuals. The first thing you’ll notice is that this movie looks phenomenal. Every shot, every piece of destruction, every slow-mo dramatic sequence is given a wonderful touch of what we can Snyder-ism at this point.


Snyder-ism does not encompass storytelling however, and this movie noticeably suffers from that. Sometimes it will feel like there are multiple movies going on at once. Without spoiling, you’ve got Bats going after Supes, Supes trying to have a normal relationship wit Lois Lane, Lois Lane investigating an item, the maker of said item trying to instigate a war between Bats and Supes, the people of Metropolis trying to decide whether or not they need a Supes, Supes also trying to decide whether or not he really did destroy all those buildings back in Man Of Steel, Wonder Woman trying to get in where she fits in, the foreshadowing a slight shoe-horning of other Justice League heroes, and the creation of a creature that could destroy even more buildings than Supes did back in Man Of Steel. So yeah, this movie is a mess, a big beautiful mess.


Honestly as convoluted and crowded as this movie is it still does its job. In the end you still get a decent fight between Batman and Superman, you still get the introduction and inevitable set-up of The Justice League, you get it all presented in very beautiful fashion, and you get a bunch of stuff you didn’t ask for! All jokes aside this movie isn’t that bad. It’s not as worse as other comic book movies and if any movie had to take a hit in order to set up something greater, it had to be this movie.


I rate Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice eight out of ten Soaring Eagles.