Tom Clancy “The Division” Review


Donte Jones


Ubisoft first showed off an RPG shooter at E3 2014 The Creators of the Assassin’s Creed franchise & Watchdogs. The game was praised for its use of detail and grand scale of the environments used in the setting of New York City. Though unfortunately the final product was met with disappointment and left gamers scratching their heads at what happened. The story Is set on black Friday when a virus Is released into the city causing chaos and destruction and forcing the games military to start the division undercover military soldiers disguised as citizens. It released March 8th for PS4 and Xbox One.

    The game visually looks great but if you compare the game showed off at E3 to the final product you could see how much they actually cut out of the game. The RPG element of the game is very basic and stale. There are no boss fights and if there are they are just bullet sponges, or real challenges into the game.  There’s no variety in enemies, no transportation from getting to objectives to back to base or a lot of options for gear. Character creation is very basic and when online everyone looks the same. The game talks about the virus yet it hardly shows any infected just body bags littering the streets.  In the game there’s an area called the dark zone where you and other players can fight to the center for loot and prizes. You can either share the loot amongst yourself or you can go rogue and steal the loot killing your allies and going against the game.
    Considering that this is an RPG there is no immersion, that is one of the key important things about an RPG a roleplaying game. You want to involve yourself and put yourself in that environment, unfortunately the game doesn’t make me feel immersed. The weapons classes’ change from time to time your able to customize and upgrade your weapons but it falls flat due to fighting the same enemies with the same gun you just kind of brush through it. The division does have its problems, but the only real good I can say about it is that it looks good but compared to what gamers were promised two years ago it does fall flat. The game only takes 15 hours at most 20 hours to complete.  The Division had potential but unfortunately didn’t live up to it. The final verdict the Division gets 2 out of 5 soaring eagles.