14th Fire Emblem Fated for Success


Chad Holiday

The Fire Emblem franchise has been a pivotal part of the strategy based JRPG market for decades now. The first game debuted back in 199 and since then fans have been loving and raging with this series from SNES to Wii to 3DS. As time goes on, things change, and naturally the developer, Intelligent Systems, would have to freshen things up to stay relevant. Back in 2012 Fire Emblem Awakening was released for the 3DS and it not only brought the series back, but it introduced all new mechanics and ensured Fire Emblem was here to stay.


Fire Emblem Fates is doing even more stuff differently that its predecessors by introducing the series’ first title split. Similar to Nintendo’s own Pokemon franchise, Fates is divided into three games. This is no Pokemon though, as each version is distinctly different. The story revolves around the player character choosing a kingdom to side with, one being your natural born family and the other being the family that raised you. This isn’t just a simple choice however, as each side has gameplay differences such as one focusing on repelling an enemy while the other focuses on revolutionizing a kingdom. There is even a third path, which revolves around choosing neither side and facing an even bigger threat. As you can see, this game offers up a lot of gameplay differences between not just each version, but each person’s play-through as certain choices can lead to certain outcomes, and well, certain deaths.


This game not only delivers a new entry in the beloved franchise, but also shakes things up and makes sure we aren’t getting the same thing over and over.


I rate Fire Emblem Fates a solid 10 out of 10 Soaring Eagles.